In the past 10 years, we have worked with the best and most unique clients to help us learn everything there is to know about the explainer video industry. We offer custom art with unlimited revisions to help tell your company’s story the best we can. Focusing on one service allows us to have a variety in the industries we work with, which includes some, such as advertising & marketing and business services. Our animation includes a combination of whiteboard animation, 2D animation, and motion graphics. We are so thankful to the team over at Clutch for their recognition of our hard work. The Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that helps connect service providers with clients all around the world.

Our profile on Clutch includes some in-depth reviews of our work from past clients. A project we have finished up early this year involved creating animation for a cleaning company. The client wanted a way to make their web page more engaging to users. Our communication and teamwork helped create a great partnership with the client.

Their illustrations are top-notch. They have exceeded our expectations. Their ability to take a small sentence and illustrate it exactly how you’re picturing it is magical. The rest of the staff was really surprised that they didn’t have to give so many revisions and edits. We’re so happy to not have to go back and forth.Manager at a Cleaning Company.

A project we’re currently working on is in creating explainer videos for a coaching and refereeing certification. We helped create the storyboard for each video and created multilingual versions. Our team worked out any confusing moments that came up in the project development. 

I was most impressed by the quality of the animations! They are great!” 

Executive Assistant, Sports League Solution.

The Clutch has growing ever since opening its doors. They are now working on a sister site, The Manifest, which highlights business experts in the format of short lists of high performing agencies and consultants. We have been featured on the competitive list of the top video production companies in New York.

We are so thankful for our relationship with Clutch and are looking forward to growing in the future. To talk with someone today or send us a message, take a visit to our site!


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