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Using Explainer Video for Social Media

Wondering how to make explainer videos and increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns? Consider making a custom explainer video if you want to visually and engagingly describe your business. 

Explainer videos are 60-90 second animated clips that introduce a product. They are popular due to their ease of preparation and consumption. This blog was created to show you how to make professional and custom explainer videos, and how they can help you boost your social media campaigns.

What Exactly Is An Explainer Video?

A well-designed explainer video is an excellent way to engage potential customers, educate them about your company, increase sales, and boost social media efforts. Of course, this all sounds great until you start working on your video. 

Many marketers face difficulties right from the start of the video production process. Continue reading for insider tips on how to improve your social media efforts by creating an explainer video.

Writing A Script

A well-written script ensures that your campaign will be successful 50% of the time. Your animation script should explain your product concisely and coherently. Begin by creating a creative brief in which you and your creative professionals outline the main objectives and goals of your custom explainer video.

This brief will be used later when writing a script. Here are some questions to think about as you work on your creative brief.

  • What is the demographic of your intended audience?
  • What is the specific issue that your target audience is facing? What role can you play in resolving it?
  • What are the primary advantages of your product or service?
  • Which tone is best suited to your company?
  • What do you want the audience to do next? What is your rallying cry?

Keep in mind when writing your script that your explainer video will be the first thing your website visitors see and experience when they land on your website. You must describe and explain how your product or service works while emphasizing its benefits. 

Don’t try to sell the most advanced technical features; instead, demonstrate what makes your product valuable to prospects. Also, avoid making your video appear too formal. The best explainer videos are always entertaining to watch, so use humor to keep your viewers engaged and glued to the screen.

Selecting Visuals And Audio

Nothing will detract from your video more than a poorly recorded, low-quality voice-over. To establish your company’s voice, hire a professional voice-over actor. If it matches the tone you’ve set, consider adding background music to create a specific mood.

Animated videos come in a variety of styles, but they are always engaging, emotional, and visually appealing. You can use a variety of animation styles in your explainer video. Keep in mind that some styles are better suited to specific businesses than others.

There’s no need to worry if you’re not an animation genius. There are numerous explainer video service providers such as Video Explainers – the leading custom explainer video service provider to assist you in boosting your video marketing campaign.

The golden rule is to keep your video as simple and brief as possible. To keep the audience’s attention, make a video with eye-catching colors and constant movement. Don’t make the visuals too detailed, as this will draw attention away from the main narrative. People’s attention spans are often short, so the shorter your video, the better. The ideal formula is to write at a rate of no more than 150 words per minute.

What Does This Have To Do With Your Social Media Marketing Campaign?

After you’ve learned how to make an explainer video, it’s time to discover how it can help you improve your social media game. Engaging and unique explainer videos will boost your brand’s visibility on social media platforms by allowing users to identify with you, as they contribute to customer trust and brand identification. 

High-quality original video content typically spreads quickly (12 times more shares on average) and receives a large number of comments and reposts. Your followers will quickly turn into brand supporters. In addition, video explainers are mobile-friendly and can be viewed on a variety of devices. This factor will also have a positive impact on sharing and reposting behaviors.

The advantages of custom explainer videos extend well beyond social media marketing. Because they are so simple to consume, animated explainers help to increase web traffic. They typically receive more clicks, directing more traffic to your website. 

It’s also a great way to supplement your SEO strategy. You will rank higher in YouTube search results if you have high-quality animated videos in addition to your SEO efforts. They can also increase conversion rates, draw attention, and increase user engagement.


A good explainer video should be both informative and entertaining to watch. Investing in an animated explainer video pays dividends on multiple fronts, beginning with social media marketing. To stay competitive on social media platforms, you must be creative and original.

With attention-grabbing animation and high-quality voice-over, you can inform, engage, and excite your viewers. Remember to use explainer video software. It will assist you in creating a professional video that engages customers and produces measurable results! 

Or if you need an explainer video service, then go for Video Explainers because you need the best to be the best. Connect with them now to get started.


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