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Top 8 Best Explainer Videos You Can’t Miss to Watch

You must be well aware about the trending significance of explainer videos. We have written up so many blogs on our website just to make you people understand about the real worth of explainer video for your business.
An ideal and best explainer video can easily grab the attention of your viewers and keep them engaged. As per the research it says that a 60 second video has the same value as 1.8 million words and when the marketers include them in landing pages or emails the sales are HUGE!
Now you exactly know the worth of an explainer video that can create wonders for your business. You can actually attract millions of online users with your video in no time.  An Explainer video has the quality to brief about your brand to the people in a short period of time.
Explainer videos are perfect for a startup company too, as it can hit the customer’s mind instantly with its colorful animation and perfect pitch script and make it a prospects into a customer.
I will be now sharing some of best explainer video of all times that you can’t miss to see Animation, Script, Voice over and Characters all things are exceptionally amazing in these videos. Each video on this list effectively explains a business, product or service in 2-minutes or less. All styles are included to have an idea how each style look like and which will suit your business perfectly.
I’ve included the company’s and agencies name too that has produced excellent quality videos so that it can be served as an example and will be inspired enough to make it a part of your marketing strategy.
At Video explainers, We like to share the best work that has been produced within our industry to our customers. So here it is the list of the top 8 best explainer video that you can’t miss to watch.

1. Wonder Lust- “Let’s Get Out”

Starting it off from one of the best explainer videos by wonder lust; video name – “Let’s get out” that is about a social app and is cartoon style video. As a cartoon style best explainer video are the most eminent and top rated videos styles among all, the first thing that attracts me in this video are the colors that are used throughout the campaign of this video that you can see are attractive, vibrant and keeps you stay back looking at the video. The animation done is so clean and smooth and keeps the viewer hooked up.


2. Video Explainers – “Bar Fly”

Bar fly is a cartoon explainer video by Video explainers. Now in this video you can easily notice the animation that is done so effectively and helps the target audience to understand the message easily. As cartoon character helps to resonate the audiences, building brand associations the video has hit to my sight instantly. Watch out the full video here.

3. Yum Yum Videos – “Trigger Email”

This video is created by Yum Yum Videos and is a great example of using humor to engage an audience. It’s considered one of the best explainer video as it directly hits the needs of the target audience that faces the similar problem and have delivered the solution very nicely. A powerful video to watch!

4. Video Explainers – “Auto loan”

Okay so this is one of the most popular video style in which the video has been done by Video explainers. Auto loan! As soon as the video starts, you will automatically assume that it’s going to be something very amusing that your audience want to see more. The product concept is explained clearly but in an entertaining way. The animation done and the transition from one scene to another are very clean which make the content very clear.

 5. The RSA Animate video – “Changing Education Paradigms”

RSA ANIMATE is one of the most widely known company for its whiteboard animation explainer videos. They are known to create one of the best explainer videos in the market. The first thing that I’m sure will attract the audiences and so to me is the sound that squeaky sound which perfectly matches the visuals. You got to check the first part to truly know why it is one of the best explainer videos!

As I love watching whiteboard videos and I never get bored watching them. The video is perfectly drawn and is in sync with every word of the narration in the video. Apart from the quality the message delivery that this video has is excellent yet informative to watch for younger and older people as it create’s idea to study.

6. Yum Yum Videos – “Access Pay- Payment and Cash Management”

This video is far very old but every time I play it amuses me with its great and lively animation. The video has been delivered with two animation styles that are cartoon and motion graphics so this video has a lot of things that you can’t miss to watch. A blend of both styles which makes the video so smooth and will ultimately help you to understand how things work. The best part of video lies on the 0:46 sec do check it out!

7. Epipheo – “Eat tank Micro nutrients”

This video by Epipheo is really amazing. I’m sure after watching this video you will love these cute little characters that are depicting so well. The video is about a community obsessed with teaching humans how to navigate our complex modern food world. The animation done in this video is so fascinating  and entertaining that lets the viewer gets engaged and can grab the video message easily.

8. Demo duck – “BASECASE”

Base case video is created by demo duck. The video style used in this video is 3d animation. These type of explainer videos are basically a mixture of spreadsheet and a slideshow presentation that is made to make your life easy. The animation done in this video is out of the box in bringing this boring topic very interactive for the audience. You must see its full video for sure.

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