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Tips to Be Used In Making Viral Videos


These days, viral content is in high demand, but making viral videos is not at all an easy task. If your content is repeatedly shared by people, then it can increase your website traffic and conversion rate. So, how can you make a video with the potential of going viral?

Viral Video Guidelines

Let’s be honest, for every successful viral video, we’re talking hundreds of thousands to millions of hits, there are tens of thousands of videos that fail to attract attention. But, that doesn’t mean yours will not take off and be shared endlessly if you follow just follow some tips for giving your video the greatest potential to go viral.

1. Be Concise

We are living in a generation where people will only pay attention to concise content and short text. That’s because the human attention span is really short these days and you have to capture that fleeting attention as fast as possible!!
Research suggests that 19% of people click away from watching a video after only 10 seconds. That means that the most important message in the video should appear in the early seconds, so that the viewer becomes aware of your services.

2. Be Cheerful

Researchers suggest that the most shareable content is that which tends to arouse emotions in the viewers; specifically, positive emotions. If you want your content to be shareable, you need to add an emotional factor, so that it sticks in the consumer’s mind and makes them want to share the information.
Specific emotions could be feelings of happiness, amazement, fear or loss. The point is that content should touch the consumer’s emotional heartstrings. After arousing such emotions, the viewer is more apt to reach out to their social networks and share the emotional experience

3. Follow the Trend

If you do some research you will discover that viral content tends to trend and successful video styles are then imitated by others. If you can produce your video quickly and showcase your content according to the latest trends, then it increases the chances that it will also be shared with other viewers.

4. Engage the Audience

Viewers love those video in which they can find something to relate to, such as, a particular problem and solution which helps to further engage them with your brand story. Present a common challenge and how your service overcomes it and your video will have a greater chance of going viral.

5. The Urge to Learn

Provide information in your video so the viewer feels that he/she has learned some new information. We all have a desire to learn something that will help us, and want to share that content with others who have the same frame of mind. Provide viewers with information that is informative and accurate, and it will become more sharable.

6. Stories That Inspire

People love to share a good story and the same goes for videos. Integrate inspiring stories into your videos that will move them emotionally; themes such as overcoming hardships or working hard toward success.

7. Positive Content

Content that tends to go viral is usually of a positive nature. Imagine yourself watching a video with a positive message. You will feel good and relaxed after watching that video.  To the contrary, if you watch a video that is downbeat, you would probably feel a bit depressed and click off. So, your content, upbeat and it will help your video go viral.

8. Practical Content

People like to watch video content that has practical implications. They don’t usually share videos that have nothing to do with their everyday world. Instead, they read, talk about, watch and share information that really helps them in dealing with daily problems. If you want to make viral videos,  then depict those situations and scenarios that the viewer faces. In this way, he can really relate to your video and want to share it.

9. Add Humor

The video viewer these days really likes to be entertained and have his mind taken away from work or mundane tasks.
The best way to communicate your message and make your content highly shareable is to add the humor factor into your video. It’s okay to be funny, but you need to be respectful and the scenarios shouldn’t offend anyone. If you are able to make people laugh through your video then you have a better chance of the video getting likes and shares. Here are the funniest viral videos for 2015!

10.Flaunt Your Style

Some videos are stronger in structure, animation, scripting, voice over or music than others, but whatever your strength is, make sure that you highlight it throughout the entire video. Use animations, the story, script, music, or anything you can enhance the quality of your video and make it stand out.

Do your marketing research and watch your competitors’ video to see what seems to work and what doesn’t. After you get the results, work on those aspects which are left uncovered and include those features in your videos so people will recognize that your video is unique.

The more exceptional they find it, the more they will share it and eventually your video will be among the best viral videos.

10. Solution to a Problem

If you want to make viral videos, then be sure to use of the problem-solution methodology. Be up front with  the problems the viewer faces in everyday life and then offer solutions, preferably using your product or service. Viewers will be attracted to a portrayal of problems they can relate to, and become more interested in watching the video. If you have satisfactorily presented a solution that the viewer finds appealing, they will be more likely to share the video.

11. Conclusion

Now you have guidelines that will help the process of making your video as easy as a piece of cake! Study these steps and tips, and then use them to craft your video. To recap, your video must be:

  • Concise
  • Cheerful
  • Practical
  • Positive
  • Follow Trends
  • Informative
  • Inspirational
  • Problem-solving
  • Humorous
  • Unique
  • Engaging

  So, go forth and create, and may your video go viral!

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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