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10 Reasons You Create Animated Videos to Boost Sales!

Calling all entrepreneurs looking to spread the word for your business. Have you used video to help you with your sales recently? If not you should try it. Many businesses have embraced this new way to communicate to their potential customers and clients.
Here are 10 tips on how to have a successful sales animated videos:

It helps to be at the helm of your own animated videos

If you are a small business owner or independent consultant you need to promote your business to get people to buy your product/service. In order to do this you sometimes need to be the star of your own animated videos and share something with your customer. Have you noticed that most people don’t even know the person they do business with. In todays society most CEOs are more like the Wizard of Oz, you never really see them for who they are. Create a animated videos that can help show your customers who you are and what you and your company are all about. It makes it more personal than an advertisement.

Sharing your product/service through animated videos

People want to identify with your product or service. Through animated videos you can show the product(s) and service(s) you provide directly to the people who are viewing them.

Give details on your product/service

Share with your customers, explain why you like or love a certain product or service you sell. Tell them why you love selling the product or service, what is your passion or your drive for selling the product. Is it because you really love the product, if so why do you really love it? Also tell them why people want or need this item or service.

Briefing the Benefits

What benefit(s) does your customer(s) get from using your product or service. Summing it up into two sentences regarding what is good about the product and how it can benefit your customer can be a powerful message to get them to buy.

Sharing Product Details- Building Trust

Sharing creates a trust in between you and your potential customer. When you put yourself out there you are showing people you are a real person and that you too have a love for these products. In turn this builds a trust with the consumer and they start to really listen to what you have to say.


Clear and concise

Be clear, talk at a moderate speed. No one wants to hear gibberish or mumbling, no one wants you tripping over your words and no one wants to hear someone talk a mile a minute. Being clear about your message and staying in sync with what you want to say and how you want to get your message across shows people you know your stuff. It gives potential customers confidence that they are choosing the right company.

Showing Personality In Your Video

Show personality in your video, whether it be a funny joke, situation or you just being upbeat and excited about the product. Not too excited like an infomercial but not droll and boring either. Believe me people like to do business with people who have a great personality. Especially if they can really relate to them.

Relate to your customer

Sure there are benefits to your product/service but how about relating it to a real life situation or story that people can identify with. Displaying this in an animated videos can be really powerful. When people can relate to the service or product being offered, they can see a real need or want for having it.

Easily Sharable

Animated Videos can be posted anywhere! Embed them on blogs, put them on webpages, share them on social media like: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, E-bay listings or other online auction listings, email blasts, LinkedIn and more. Videos are so versatile they can reach millions of people in a matter of an hour or less. Now that is spreading the word so FAST!

Building Customer Relationship

Videos help to build relationships with your customers and do it super fast. Videos tell customers about the company, the person behind the company, the product/service being offered, the need and want of the product or service, the benefits of using it, a related story or a related use of the product/service and it gets shared faster and more frequently to a whole lot of people. More importantly it builds a relationship with your customers all around the world and in a more personal way.

Concluding with…

To sum it up animated videos can maximize your reach and give you a platform to build up on. The message is much more clear and the visuals make it very exciting for the viewer. If you are looking for attention creating a video for your startup business is the best idea! and will really give you results.

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