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Reasons Why Your Product Launch Needs an Explainer Video

Are you planning to introduce an innovative product and want to know how to promote it as successfully as possible? If you are in a similar situation, this blog post is for you. It includes a comprehensive understanding of the best practices of video marketing as used by professional explainer video services

So, if you are a startup or planning to begin your business journey, you are undoubtedly at the right place. Let’s Understand it carefully! 

1. People Prefer Video Content 

Customers prefer videos as their content type in the current digital era. In fact, 31.3 percent of internet users wish to see how-to video content, and 29.8 percent need instructive videos. The emergence of innovative platforms and gadgets has made it easier for customers watch high-quality explainer videos. Because such videos allow them to carefully observe the features and characteristics of products/services in three dimensions. It, helps them to make quick buying decisions. 

2. Simplifies Complex Content 

One of the biggest benefits of animated explainer videos is that they render complicated concepts look easy. The emergence of powerful visual and auditory cues has made it simple to understand the complex topics. For example, If you want to learn about the wire transfers or the tricky algorithms, you can learn about each step clearly without taking any sort of guidance from the specialists to digest and comprehend it. 

3. Engages Everyone Toward the Content 

Explainer videos have the advantage of engaging people from all spheres of life. If you’re trying to reach a diverse range of demographics, this can be useful. There are many methods to attract your audience’s attention with easy modifications and additions to current graphics, and animation doesn’t have to be a cartoon. You could, for example, utilize motion graphics to make your logo or characters animate. Animation isn’t new, but when done well and with visual appeals, it can have a tremendous influence on your audience and help your business or campaign stand out.

4. Short, Simple, and Saves Time 

In today’s competitive era, it is vita lto know the importance of time for the viewers especially, when crafting explainer videos. All your thoughts and product-related information should be clear and concise for the audience to understand quickly. It should be 30-90 seconds long, which equals to a written script of roughly 200 words or fewer. It encourages customer participation and retains people from feeling bored with a protracted discourse.

5. Sells your Product Without Being Salesy

Explainer videos are one of the most effective strategies to increase consumer interest and retention if done right. By showcasing your freshly introduced product with the help of such videos, you can do two things, communicate and entertain the audience. Remember that trendy and eye-catchy animation can easily capture the viewers’ attention and leave a long-lasting impression on them. It is an unobtrusive approach to marketing your product, clarifying how it works, and highlighting competitive benefits. All these elements work together to attract a new target audience, pique their interest in a brand, and sell your products automatically. 

6. Boost Sales and Conversion 

More sales and conversions result from increasing engagement and trust of the audience via explainer videos. Including videos of your products on the website or the landing page boosts the 80 percent of conversion rate. When you share them on different social media channels, it allows you to reach a large audience globally. Remember that explainer videos are your sales funnel. And you have to guide your audience on what they should do in the next step. 

7. Ranks on Google Search 

Explainer videos have a higher chance of reaching audiences with organic searches. Almost 31 percent of marketers use videos to boost their SEO rankings. Help your target customers to find you by using a suitable title, keywords, and meta-description. Write high-quality content, focus on the customers’ touchpoints, and provide them with the information they are looking for. Believe it or not, your SEO marketing efforts will never go in vain when you follow each step attentively. 

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