In Holland, finding a room, apartment or house to rent can feel like a full-time job.

Listings are crowded and inefficient.

Once you think you find what you are looking for, you find out, you’re not alone.

You have to keep checking online several times a day just to try and keep up.

And when you finally do get a hold of a landlord he tells you he rented it out weeks ago.

That’s where <em></em> comes in.

Once you register an account, we do all the work. You can sit back and relax while we search the internet for you, every day.
Once we find an appropriate room, apartment or house, that fits your needs, we will present your profile and the landlord invite you to a viewing.

It’s as simple as that.

Unlike competitors, we search for you and interface with the landlords themselves, taking the stress out of the process.
We search through 65 cities in Holland, at a price range of 300-1500 euro per month.

And we operate 7 days a week so we won’t miss anything.

In the past 6 months, landlords sent out over 15,000 invitations to our members.

Landlords also often bypass traditional listings and send them directly to us.

So you have access to some hidden gems.

And we keep track of the whole process online, so it’s always there for you to see.

Stop searching! We do all the work for you! So you can focus on what you do best! is the only organization in the Netherlands through the entire process from home job advertising, search and comment on rented from your hands.There are many websites where you can search for daily living, but experience shows that you almost always too late to respond to a chance to win that one suitable rental. We seek not only a home but also react immediately before the found range.Created by

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