Co-workers, Jim and Sandy, both dedicated, good at their job and they travel for work. A trip is coming up requiring a visa. Jim goes the do it yourself route. Bad call.

He didn’t anticipate all the complications. After navigating through rush hour traffic and a cumbersome search for a parking space in the embassy district, he has to wait in line for hours at the embassy. When he finally gets to the counter, he is rejected because his paperwork is incomplete.

He is  in way over his head. Sandy chose Visumservice – Visa Service Provider to handle everything. She signs up online and Visum service processes her application, handles the paperwork and updates her through the online tracking system. All Sandy has to do is to send her documents to Visumservice – Visa Service Provider.

Jim is pulling his hair out trying to navigate the process himself. Sandy is enjoying her life and preparing for her trip. By now, Sandy’s visa is ready and Visum service collects the visa, checking to make sure everything is in order before returning it to Sandy. Jim is dreading another trip to the embassy, will he leave empty handed again? Don’t be a Jim Don’t be like Jim Be like Sandy.

Let Visum service work for you!

Visumservice – Visa Service Provider offers the safest and easiest way to get a visa, for both businesses and individuals. We have several years of experience and a well-established network of contacts with embassies and consulates.

Our 5 easy steps:
1. place your order to Visum service

2. Receive an email with all the application  documents and instructions

3. Send your application to Visum service.

4. We process your application and update you along the way.

5. Once the visa is ready it is checked and returned to you with an invoice.

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