Getting your business on top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook search results is like betting on a winning horse that keeps winning You get more clicks, more calls, and more customers than your competition. But getting to page one of search results is increasingly expensive, and time-consuming.If you’re paying for clicks through Google Adwords program, your ROI may be declining and getting ranked in organic search results is just as frustrating. Is there a faster, more affordable, way to get on top of search results?

The answer is video SEO. It’s a fact: According to Forrester research, a video is 53 times more likely to get to page one than a website.Unfortunately, most companies do not have the expertise needed to drive their video to the top.

That’s where Video Optimization Leader SEO steps in as we are pioneers in online video marketing and we are experts in video search optimization.

Through our proprietary Search platform, we have delivered more videos to the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and social networks, like Facebook and Twitter – than any other video SEO company. Once you are on top with a thumbnail image that links to your video, you’ll stand out from the competition. Your company will make an emotional connection with prospects and convince them to buy.

But Video Optimization Leader SEO will do more than search optimize your video. Through our exclusive lead management platform V tracker, you’ll track every e-mail and phone call generated by your video top-rankings.

If you are considering video SEO, act now and seize the first-mover advantage in your industry. The first company to achieve page one rankings with video will likely remain on page one for months or years to come.

Be the first in your industry in get page one rankings with video. as the proven leader in video SEO.

Video Optimization Leader SEO is the world’s best Video SEO lead generation & Tracking provider.

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