Data plans on mobile devices can turn out really expensive if they’re not personalized to your needs and context

That’s where Veloxity steps in!

We offer “Real Time Contextual Offers” for your mobile internet connection!

Meet David, a big sports fan.

He decides to watch a game of basketball, while enjoying his coffee.

As the place gets more crowded, the connection weakens and the buffering begins.

David is frustrated!

Veloxity Cloud immediately notices that he’s getting a poor video experience and calculates if surrounding mobile network conditions will allow faster speeds.

So it pops up an economical offer which David buys on the spot!

Anne is travelling to Paris.

She turns off her data roaming because she doesn’t want a bill shock from her mobile operator.

As she gets to her hotel, she connects to WI-FI and starts live sharing videos with her new favorite app, ‘Periscope’.

Veloxity can see that her cellular service is OFF and can also see that she’s a frequent Periscope user and makes a personalized offer to Anne, at an amazing price!

Anne is excited!

Ben is enjoying some fresh air out in the park and wants to share these moments with his girlfriend.

He’s on a limited data plan and only has close to 2 GB left.

The video connection keeps buffering, making his data usage to dangerously increase, while he’s becoming more and more frustrated.

Veloxity Cloud detects the poor quality session and Ben gets back the lost data.

Ben is more loyal to his service provider than ever.

So, no matter what the situation, Veloxity has a personalized solution for you!

Veloxity-Real time Contextual Offer delivers real time and end-user wireless experience solutions for mobile operators and internet service providers to help them to improve their customer’s quality service  and make them enjoy at a very reasonable cost.

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