Not so, long ago, we found the awesomeness that is the internet. Since then we become so blase about it that we don’t give a second thought to checking our online profiles (constantly), or working from home (read slave), or going on a shopping spree online. We live most of our lives online.

And doing so, we aren’t even aware of the crooks circling around us like great whites. If you think you’re safe online, think again. Fact: according to a report on identity theft, 11.1 million people were victims of cyber theft last year. And the damage amounted to around $54 billion.

With the economy the way it is, these numbers are multiplying at an alarming rate. Fact: you stand a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of identity theft. It takes only a few seconds for a cyber criminal to steal your identity and rob you blind. Information like where you live, details about your bank account and credit card, all your passwords, everything. In short, your life can be devastated in a few seconds.

Lets be honest, we all think that will never happen to us, Right? But did you know there are easy to download programs out there that will let anyone see your passwords, emails, websites you visit, all kinds of personal information. Even right now your ISP is logging the sites you visit.

This is a FACT, all of your searches, any thing you download, every website you visit its all linked to you. You need a way to protect yourself from cyber crooks before they rob you.

You need a way to become invisible to cyber criminals when online. You need to feel safe and secure! Fact: SurfSafe VPN is that way. Most major companies and the government use VPNs to protect themselves and their employees. SurfSafes Virtual Private Network is corporate grade security and privacy for the rest of us.

All you need to do is down load our easy to install software and youre protected, from there on every single bit of data sent to and from your computer is protected, period! No one is able to see your private data guaranteed! Now SurfSafe VPN brings this technology to private citizens, small and medium size businesses.

Consumer Reports says;Install a VPN and use it every time you go online. Every time you are online our VPN protects you.

Fact: Your private data is being looked at by people you wouldn’t want to see it right now. Why in the world would you do anything else on the internet without SurfSafeVPN? Remember, with SurfSafe VPN, when you’re connected, you’re protected.

SurfSafe’s global VPN service encrypts all your sensitive data making it secure and private, both at home and abroad.

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