No one likes nasty surprises.

You wouldn’t stand for it here, so why should you stand for it in your accommodation?

Currently 76% of students experience problems with their accommodation -and we want to do something about it!

StudentView is an accommodation website run BY students, FOR students.

We use anonymous and reliable reviews from those who know best –  YOU – the student tenants!

By reviewing your accommodation, the local area and crucially your landlord, you help to create a listing that will let other students know EXACTLY what it’s like to live somewhere.

From the quality of the bedrooms, to the security of your neighborhood.

To even the relationship with your landlord – you can shine a light on everything.

So no more nasty surprises.

And to say thank you, EVERY student who leaves a review will receive rewards from our great partners.

You might even recognize a few of them!

So by championing good properties and landlords, and forcing poorer ones to take accountability for their actions, StudentView are giving YOU the power to regulate the industry.

So why not join the Home Of Student Reviews, and leave your review today?

StudentView is basically a student accommodation website. The idea is based on the observation that many students face problems in their accommodations. This situation can be settled with Student View. The Student View system works like that, it offers the students great rewards/payoffs  for giving anonymous and indifferent comments on their accommodations.

The reviews of the students are then posted on the website. This helps the other students in giving an idea to them that how actually it looks like to live in the respective places.

The Student view is an accommodation website that is run by students and for students. It says so because the students are invited to give their comments on the accommodations for the other students who are seeking for a living place.

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