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Meet the Jones
They are a typical family that enjoy the good things in life. They love shopping, going out, and doing other activities. But with everything going on in their lives they don’t get much spare time and money is always an issue.
Sally often thinks about going on a spa day, Mike always keeps asking for a new bike, Laura really wants some new shoes and Gary dreams about taking the family on a relaxing beach holiday.

But the Jones families don’t have the time or money to be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want.
One day, Sally’s friend, Claire, visited and they got on to the topic of money. Claire had just returned from a family holiday, she had new shoes on and they had already booked their next trip away. Sally then explained her situation to Claire and what was about to happen would change Sally and the Jones’ lives forever.

Claire told Sally about Shopping Sherlock which helps the whole family save time and money when shopping online. All you have to do is register for free, enter in a product you are looking for and the Sherlock goes to work by searching the internet to find you the best deal, and it takes under 20 seconds. That week, the Jones’ used the Sherlock and saved 50% on the Schwinn mountain bike that Mike had asked for, bought the Ugg Boots Laura wanted for 45% off, Sally had booked a facial and message at 60% off the original price through a special deal, and Gary had found a 40% discount on a Hawaiian vacation at a fabulous resort.

Claire returned back to see Sally and she was greeted by a big hug from Sally. But it was going to get better for the Jones’. Claire asked Sally if she knows anyone else that would use the Sherlock. Sally said “of course” without hesitating. Well you can earn an income by helping other people save time and money just like you did. Sally couldn’t believe it, she called Gary in from the other room to join them. Claire then began to explain to them both that the Sherlock is a free “invite only” platform and you can only get an invitation from a Shopping Sherlock affiliate. The affiliates invite people and when they join, like you did, and benefit, that affiliate earns “usage income”. The affiliate can build a team of affiliates that want to do the same and earn “team commissions”. There are people from all over the world from different backgrounds earning substantial incomes each week. There is a really simple system to follow which has been designed by industry pro’s to make it really simple to show to your friends and make money.

Sally and Gary were excited, they knew how much it had benefitted them in less than 1 week, and they knew they could help hundreds of families do the same.  They couldn’t believe that Clare made money as they saved money on all those great deals they enjoyed.

Gary had watched the growth of the Internet over the years and he saw e-commerce grow from 55 billion dollars in 2003 to over a trillion dollars in 2012.  He has friends that have made money on the Internet and has seen the storys of fortunes that were made. Gary and Sally know that the way people shop has changed. People all over the world use the Internet, tablets and phones to price compare and buy.  Gary knew we were about to enter the Golden era in e-commerce and mobile marketing.

Gary and Sally have been looking for a way to make money from the Internet and they know mobile and e-commerce are going to continue to get bigger and bigger.
Claire said that Facebook was built by users spreading the word with their friends and this is the same concept, but this time you get paid for doing it. The more people that benefit, the more you will earn, its that simple.  Imagine making money from recommending a way that your friend can save both time and money!

How do you think Claire is affording to go on all of these family holidays?
That day Sally and Gary decided to join as an affiliate, and they started sharing Shopping Sherlock with others and their network of users and affiliates began to grow. Not only were they saving money, but they were making money too! The Jones’ enjoyed their Hawaiian holiday knowing that Shopping Sherlock helped them find the best deal.

They now have their own business that they can do anywhere and with people all over the world.

They know that the same way people ask did you Google it, people will be eventually be asking “Did you Sherlock it”

Gary and Sally are excited that they are now finally positioned to profit from some of the biggest trends in the world, e-commerce and mobile marketing.

Best of all, they simply give away a product for free that helps people find the best deals on products and services they were looking to buy anyway.

Sally and Gary are changing their lives and working on becoming financially free.
Let Shopping Sherlock help change your life too!

Shopping Sherlock helps family save time and money, when shopping online by finding you the best deals.

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