Meet Pastor Hugo. Living in rural Costa Rica

He lives in a rain forest, working to both support his family, and share the love of Christ.

He shepherds a small church in his village – teaching them what it means to love God and others.

The needs are great in Pastor Hugo’s community. Food is difficult to come by and jobs are few and far between. He may live there, but his community has no way to collect water to drink. He prays daily that the Lord would provide for his people. Pastor Hugo longs for encouragement and support.

Meet joey, a youth pastor in Illinois. The youth he mentors face challenges – from broken families, to endless temptations, it’s not easy growing up in his community.  Joey’s desire is to draw them closer to God, to teach them what it means to live for Jesus. Joey’s love for the youth of his community is like the love Pastor Hugo has for the people of his village.

Enter PPM. Joey registers for a Costa Rica mission trip with Praying Pelican Missions. Joey and PPM begin to determine the gifts of his team. Once his team’s gifts are identified, PPM identifies a church within their network in which the team’s gifts match a community’s needs. Pastor Hugo’s church.

Joey’s team travels to Costa Rica to partner with Pastor Hugo in his ministry. PPM takes care of all the logistics so Joey’s team can focus on ministry. Joey’s team is greeted by an excited church. Children’s ministry is done in partnership with the church; Evangelism is done alongside local church members, And through Pastor Hugos’ direction, a water cistern is built. Pastor Hugo and his church are encouraged. The trip is a success for all involved. This is genuine partnership

Joeys team returns to the States, but the ministry doesn’t end. Joey’s church continues to pray for Pastor Hugo’s church. Pastor Hugo’s church continues to pray for Joey’s church. It’s 5 years later and Joey has taken a team each year to partner with Pastor Hugo. Their church members have become life-long friends. A long-term relationship have been established. Pastor Hugo even travels to America to preach at Joey’s church, where he encourages Joey’s congregation.

The local church. That’s what PPM invests in. No million dollar mission base, no fancy vehicles, no serving behind mission walls. All of PPM’s ministry is done through and under the authority of the local church Authority. Each mission team is partnered alongside a local church where they can use their gifts through established ministries. When the team leaves, the church continues. This is real Sustainable ministry.

PPM is the bridge between cultures, enabling thousands of missionaries to partner with local churches throughout the world: Encouraging them, building them up, assisting them in their ministries – all in the name of Christ.

There are many more churches like Pastor Hugo’s that are praying for help. Looking for a genuine partnership. We are calling for youth groups, adult groups, church groups, school groups, your group…to join us.

PPM- Mission Trips is one of the leaders in organizing leading short term mission with a long term impact. PPM- Mission Trips  are safe, affordable and hassle free.

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