Write your book and upload a two-page pusher with no up-front costs using the page.

Buschur helping you sell more books  this is willing and he’s written a great book but even though William s emailed everyone he knows only six people have read his book and despite it being listed for only Ninety-nine cents his book is still quite lost in the amazon.

So William here is published but not really because with only six readers doesn’t count but now web page brochure William has the edge referrals  here’s how it works LinkedIn email Facebook and twitter PagePusher – eBook publisher automatically invite yours friends and fans tore readers can enjoy your book on any device anywhere anytime when users read on our Facebook social reader your book is all dramatically advertised on their Facebook page allowing their friends to start reading park’s .

Every reader can invite them friends to read your book and for every five to buy it page pusher will pay then the price of your book effectively turning every reader into a distributor.

So now you’re probably wondering how many people will see your book through page Porsche consider that just through
friends of friends and their friends and average Facebook user networks with over two million potential readers and while you first think what you’re really starts with only your contacts every subsequent book really starts with everyone who was ever bought one of your books and then expands from there  this is called your by network there you’re own personal by network.

PagePusher – eBook publisher gives you direct access to your entire growing readership oh now with page posture this is William he has written a great book that thousands of people of red and referred to others so now lots of people have read love and own William quaint and all of these book sales are why.

William is so happy give us ten minutes and my page Buschur put your book on a few million streets and then what your career take off but that’s not all you get in addition to being published on full devices you also get abrogated listing onto all the other major online book retailers three revisions as well as your books bio and photo featured in the page.

PagePusher – eBook publisher east or  all this with a simple pricing structure and no up-front costs with page Buschur you keep seventy percent of every book soul there is a one-time listing fee of a hundred and forty-nine dollars we’re so confident that you’ll sell more books than ever before that will advance to the whole thing so that you can get started without paying anything only need is a book and some friends.

We create videos to define your business”Page Pusher” is a unique concept of making your website’s book a great success with coordination of social media websites.

While explaining the idea of PagePusher – eBook publisher, we created a character “Williams” who published a book, but failed to get maximum readers.

With the help of”Page Pusher,” he was able to achieve great success in no time. PagePusher – eBook publisher enables you to  find new readers and fans of your book. It gives you the opportunity to market your book on various devices and platforms.

It provides readers with an  incentive to  suggest your book to your friends and acquaintances.

You will be paid for all of your ebooks that will be sold and also your readers will have to opportunity to get paid too. You can publish your book on PagePusher – eBook publisher in two ways.

You can either sign up or you can make use of another ebook distribution service like Book baby.  The benefit you get in working with BookBaby is that you will get to access to the biggest distribution network currently present for the independent authors- including iBooks for iPad, Barnes & Noble’s eBook store for the Nook, Kobo, and many more.

Moreover, at BookBaby you will get publishing experts opinion in order to make sure that your book gets the attention that it deserves.

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