Jon: Welcome back to Bee Daily Show, I’m Jon Stinger.  Time for tonight’s HEADLINES!


Recent pollen-trade market reports indicate that OpenJar Concepts, the Temecula California based performance driven hive, has just pollinated a record breaking 5 million leads since the hive’s inception in 2009!

Professor Bee:  Performance. Cost per Call. Cost per Hello. Cost per Call Duration, etc.

John:  They came in HEAD AND THORAX above their closest competition.Joining us live, the co-founding Bees ofOpenJarConcepts and self proclaimed results driven hive-a-holics, Adam Warren and Reno Renaldo.

What makes this Hive’s honey so Sweet, Guyzzzz?

Adam:  John,It all starts with BEES Dev. With experience in over 30 verticals, this part of the hive never stops buzzing.

George:(On Phone) Look Jiminy, it’s like I said, we can air your branded spot or one of our generics- or both!

Adam: You see John; we have our own advertising brands such as LISTEN UP AMERICA, QUOTE RHINO, EDU KATE, and THE SENTINEL GROUP.

Reno: This allows for greater scalability!

Adam: Once the deal is closed, CLIENT SERVICESputs the hive in motion.

Misty: Contracts are signed.

Mike:   Initializing destination number.

Adam Casas:  Authorizing Traftrack training session.

Reno: TraftTrack is our proprietary data and analytics measurement and tracking tool. Its development evolution has taken our media and client ROI management in performance to a new level.

Sheb:Our unique affiliate based media distribution model allows us to maximize the clients’ geographical footprint by covering more of the garden.

Sheb: We now operate as a lead gen technology company

John Stinger:  This is blowing my mind, guys.

Reno:  We make the Honey, our MEDIA PARTNERSmakes the money!!!!

John:  Did you ever think ‘I’m just a kid from the hive, I can’t do this?’

Reno: Well John, Bees have never been afraid to change the world.

John:  Deep.

OpenJar Concepts is an Integrated Marketing agency.  The firm is highly proficient at lead generation, lead generation technology and the Management of Performance Driven National Advertising Campaigns.

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