Ocean bound take your Music Career around the World. It provides access to careers like orchestra musicians, solo pianists, cover bands, solo pianists, solo guitarists, one-man bands, Caribbean bands and classical string ensembles, as well as jugglers, magicians, singers, instrumentalists and comedians. The organization believes that cruise line industry is really exciting and promising. Thus they give opportunities to the musicians to play their music at cruises.

OCEANBOUND ENTERTAINMENT:Are you a musician? Do you play in a cover band? A classical ensemble? Are you a solo entertainer, an orchestra musician or do you even have your own variety show? If you said yes to any of the above, you could work here.

It will take you here, here, here, here you get the and all the while, you’ll do you what love, and you get paid for it. We’ll audition you, get you a job, answer all your questions and prepare your paperwork. And while you’re cruising around the world, we’ll set up your next gig.

All you have to do is an audition for us. To learn how to do that and what skills are required, click here. Take your career out to sea. Ocean bound Entertainment

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