Neutrog is known supplier of premium high quality fertilizers. Commencing the manufacture of its organic fertilisersin 1988 from a small factory at Kanmantoo in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Neutrog has since grown to become the largest manufacturer of its kind in Australia.

Neutrog supplies its products to some of the most magnificent grounds and gardens around the world, along with many of the leading commercial primary producers within the horticulture, viticulture and broadacre markets.

Today Neutrog is widely recognised as a supplier of premium quality fertilisers. Starting out as a small family business, Neutrog was formed in 1988 and commenced operations in 1989 at Kanmantoo, 60kms south east of Adelaide, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

The factory site covers an area of some 20 hectares and currently employs 50+ people. The company name “Neutrog’ was born from the combination of ‘nutrients’ and ‘organics’ to accurately reflect the true nature of the products manufactured.

From initial production levels of 400 tonnes in 1988/89 Neutrog has since grown to become one of the largest organic fertiliser manufacturers in Australia.

Along with exporting to many countries around the world, Neutrog has also established licensed manufacturing and marketing operations in South Africa.   certified organic Neutrog is granted organic certification for specific products, after its methods and processes for manufacturing these particular products are audited to ensure that they comply with the standards and guidelines set down by the certifying body.

Certification ensures compliance with national production standards, including low heavy metals and other residues, and allows for trace back of all raw materials to their origins. Neutrog currently certifies seven products (Rocket Fuel, Seamungus, Rapid Raiser, Bounce Back, Blade Runner, Rooster Booster and KA-BLOOM) utilising the Australian Certified Organic certification process.

The A.C.O. logo is clearly identifiable on all certified product packaging. All of Neutrog’s products are subjected to the same rigorous quality control procedures.

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