Mini Redeems

Mini Redeems is a fabulous idea where you can redeem whatever you like such as bear, cold drink, burger and many more,but it depends on the points you score.

Mini Redeems used several creative and unique animated themes to make this brilliant idea easily understandable fro audience.

Mini Redeems also used dialogue boxes in start of the video, our motive was to let audience visualize what’s going to happen next in the video.


Are you tired of waiting for years to get enough reward points to redeem something from your rewards program? How long would it take you to save up 120,000 reward point for a coffee machine? What if u just wanted a coffee?

Mini redeem is the answer, Mini Redeem lets you redeem your points much sooner! In fact, you can get a bronze Mini Redeem token for just a few hundred points and you can redeem your tokens in participating retail stores for everyday purchases like a coffee, donut, burger, beer, or pizza! Here’s how it works.

First, download the Mini Redeem app for your smart phone and sign up. Get your Mini Redeem token using reward points from any participating rewards program.

There are three Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Tokens you have ordered will automatically appear in the app. Walk into a participating retail shop and redeem a token by using your smart phone to scan a bar code that the cashier will show to you. Once the cashier has verified your redemption they give you what you ordered, that’s it! Go ahead and enjoy your free coffee, beer, burger, pizza or whatever you choose to redeem.

Mini Redeem is simple to use and makes rewards programs so much more rewarding Redeem your points sooner with Mini Redeem!

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