Small business execs have to be everyone’s hero. They wear many hats and log many miles. No superpower can reclaim hours lost in the past. But what if the features of Windows 10 Pro could save countless critical hours in the future? Take inscription never mind the cost just consider the hours lost with data breaches and hacks but with the Bitlocker military grade encryption built into windows 10 pro every file can be effortlessly secure whether at or desk or on the go.

Need another way to save time on security? On client systems mixing personal data with sensitive business files can be a huge security risk.

Windows information protection and windows 10 professional provides the super power of quick and separating these two sides of BYOD information

Windows 10 Pro helps keep sensitive data secure so that business files can stay locked within their business environment without restricting personal device used you get easier management, more control, and the super power of saving time. Need even more security at a time when users want their clients to run games, personal finance apps and business software  the new device guard serves so users can only installed company approved apps or take  credential guard users needs credentials to authenticates themselves to the network. Thieves try to steal those tokens but with windows 10 and credential guard stolen tokens will get thieves nowhere. Now even a super hero gets tired from endless client imaging and configuration fortunately the dynamic capabilities of windows 10 professional that you quickly configure of the shelf devices for a range of common scenarios no, reimaging necessary. Windows 10 professional saves valuable minutes throughout the day with quicker and safer typing passwords across your apps finger print validation. Want the creative freedom of paper efficiency of digital apps grab an active pen and try the pressure sensitive wonders of windows in work spaces. Not least of all command windows 10 professional speech paste assistant Cortana to help you mange small stuff so you can stay on task.

It’s time to reclaim your valuable hours harness the super strength of windows 10 professional and be your organizations time saving hero.

Client details: Microsoft Windows

Type: Video

Style: Vector Art

Duration: 120 Sec

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