Meet Sofia.

Sofia has lots of stuff that she doesn’t use anymore.

Louboutin heels, an iPhone 5S, and a toy car her son never played with. Sofia knows what she has to do.

But how?
She can try online classifieds

But she really doesn’t need strangers calling her on the phone and making

ridiculously low offers.

She can try posting her stuff to sell on Facebook?

The last time she tried that, she ended up getting lost driving for 2 hours to meet someone who didn’t show up!

Melltoo is the solution! Sofia snaps some pics of her stuff for sale

Interested buyers chat with her about her things.

A few minutes later, SOLD. Her item is sold.

The next day, the courier shows up to And voila,

money in her account!

Selling your preloved things has never been so easy!

That is the Melltoo experience!

Melltoo App- Social market place is a social network for buyers and sellers of second hand. The idea is to make things easy for the people who want to buy and sell second hand things.

People usually get fake calls when they post selling ads on various online forums. By using Melltoo app, people can get rid of such annoying situations and easily buy and sells things online.

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