Money is used as an instrument for recording and rewarding.

When you buy a cup of coffee with a five dollar bill, the five dollar bill serves as a record and also reward to the cafe for the coffee.

You can use the same five dollar bill to tip the waitress for good service. This five dollar bill then becomes a reward and record of good service render.

Bit coin Blockchain records only payment transactions but it does not record any other activities Katalyst is the first blockchain to record and reward all economic activities. We call it proof of loyalty.

Whenever you introduce a friend to a cafe on the Katalyst blockchain, the Katalyst blockchain will record this activity and then automatically reward you with its blockchain tokens.

You visit the cafe more because your visits are recorded and rewarded with tokens, which can then be exchanged for more coffee. The cafe gets more business from your activities.

Our mission is to empower communities and businesses to be able to record and reward economic activities in their respective community and business.

This is just part of what we do. Come join KatalystCoin’s ICO and be part of our vision to create a frictionless world.

KatalystCoin creating a frictionless world.

Client details: Katalyst Voin

Country: Singapore

Type: Video

Style: Vector Art

Duration: 75 Sec

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