Getting NEW Members Reengage existing members


How CAN YOU Solve BOTH These Problems?

With ONE Solution?


FitMetrix is a Cutting Edge Software Platform created just for Gym & Studio Owners

FitMetrex Helps YOU Provide EVERYONE  in Your Facility the ability to TRACK PERFORMANCE of ANY Exercise Activity

Heart Rate

Calories Expended


Power Exerted

Distance Travelled


Your CUSTOMERS Receive

Real-time Data

Post-workout Summaries

FitMetrix INCREASES member motivation and engagement

FitMetrix INTEGRATES seamlessly into your existing website

Fitmetrix- Health and Fitness solution company that helps their members to track their real time performance including heart rate, calories, speed, power, distance and RPM. Fitmetrix- Health and Fitness helps to increase members motivation and keep them engaging. Go through their website and check their member portals too and be a part of it.

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