The duo team were stock their CEO Conference had been a great success for years but they’d hit a plateau they were doing things the same venue  same event organizer same invitation process they needed to take things to the next level.

What could they do  they needed an event to disrupt the market and inspire their audience  they made a brave decision to bring in a new unit of world-class professionals hand-picked to provide the brains and expertise to create something out of  this world.

The team worked day and night before coming up with an event that would give  delegates the rocket fuel needed to take their business to a whole new stratosphere  an event that would go truly galactic 5  follower 320 one  that do business launch pad took off with Richard Branson piloting a unique  interactive event that left gas breaking free a berth  and reaching for the stars  here  by.

Du Emirates Telecommunications Company was named as the Best Mobile Broad Brand Network in the Middle East and Africa region in 2012.
Du Emirates Telecommunications Company believes in enhancing human lives anytime, anywhere. They offer services which include mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to people, homes and businesses all over the UAE.
Du Emirates Telecommunications Company believes in satisfying its customers to the great extent, creating value for its shareholders by excellent business progress and innovations. They are proud to be a part in the movement of transforming the society.
Du Emirates Telecommunications Company work to produce best results by making use of talent, skills and energies.

Du Emirates Telecommunications Company -Vision

To enhance your life, anytime, anywhere.

Du Emirates Telecommunications Company-Mission

Du Emirates Telecommunications Company want to delight our customers, be the employer of choice for the best talent, create optimal value for our shareholders through business excellence and innovation, and proudly contribute to the transformation of our community.We work to deliver our vision by using our talent, skills and energies to connect, inspire and reward all we touch, every day.

Du Emirates Telecommunications Company-Values

We are Confidant, Friendly, Honest, and Surprising, and our values guide our actions.

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