In a world of limited resources and increasing demand, It’s time for the change.

We all need to work together to meet the challenges of the future, both social and environmental, and to respond to ever-changing choices. Business and society need to pull together to create change.  One cannot be successful without the other.

Business has the power to drive change and help tackle some of the most pressing issues we face at this time. So where does DP World fit in? As one of the world’s leading terminal operators working across six continents, we enhance the supply chain for our customers by efficiently handling the container, bulk and general cargo across our network.

By helping the flow of goods to markets across the world, we support trade and economic growth wherever we operate, which in turn enables the development of countries, communities and individuals.  Yet in a world of increasing globalisation there is still much more to do to help people live better lives.

Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or write. Water supply is a serious problem for everyone. By 2030, there will likely be a 40% gap worldwide between the water we need and the water that’s available. By 2050, we will need the equivalent of nearly 2.3 planets to support our 9 billion people as more people are being born and living longer than ever before.

Through responsible business practices, we can help tackle these challenges. Responsibility and commitment are two of our core values and we factor corporate responsibility in everything we do from choosing new port locations to their construction and on through to operations.

DPWorld Marine Terminal Operator is a long-term business, and we are part of the communities in which we operate, often for decades. We want to be an active part of those communities, minimising our impact on the environment and maximising our contribution to society.

DPWorld Marine Terminal Operator know the reputation of a company is determined by the actions of the people who work within it, and so every day we ask ourselves, What can I change? Working closely with our communities, our people, our partners, our customers and our suppliers will enable each of us to develop and create a healthy business and social environment supporting growth that benefits us all.

Future leaders and generations need business and society to work together and to use finite resources in creative ways.  This means finding new solutions, new opportunities and new business models to ensure that we are here for the long term.

As the world continues to change, we each must understand and accept our responsibility to make a difference. It’s about involving everyone across all communities, business and society, to build a strong and sustainable future.

A future forge today for tomorrow’s generations.

DPWorld Marine Terminal Operator help the flow of goods to markets across the world. They support trade and economic growth which in turn enables the development of countries, communities and individuals.

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