Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts Marketing Overview has revolutionized the way that golf courses advertise and build a customer base by introducing a “Risk Free” marketing solution that leverages the power of discounts, collective buying, and social media marketing.

Here’s the concept: Each week, Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts features two amazing deals on rounds of golf at participating local golf courses. In exchange for the offering a discount, we syndicate your course’s deal free of charge to a huge network of local golfers and leverage social media strategies to further expand the deal’s exposure.

As the deal “tees off” and gains interest, customers can visit and purchase a voucher for the deal that can be redeemed at the course like a “rain-check”.

After the 48-hour deal ends, Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts adds up all the revenue from your course’s deal and immediately mails a check for 96% of gross revenues.

The other 4% cover the cost of credit card processing fees that we incur by accepting the initial payment from thousands of customers. Pretty Simple!

Here’s How It Works:
Step 1: Sign Up and Complete Your Course Profile Your course can sign up directly on our website. You’re required to provide us with some information about your course, contact information, and how you’d like to be paid. It’s completely free and is easy to do.

Step 2: Create and Schedule Your Deal Simply create a deal and schedule it on an available date. We ask that deals have at least a 35% discount on the regular price of a round of golf. The bigger the discount, the more attention it will get from our marketing activities so we recommend being generous with the discount amount. You’ll be able to add specific exclusions and fine print that apply to the deal’s blackout dates and times.

Step 3: Your Deal’s Tee Time When your deal goes live on the site, we’ll immediately start promoting it for 48 hours to generate as much buzz about your deal and course as possible in the local golf community. Just sit back and relax. Customers will purchase deals on the website and we’ll keep track of everything.

Step 4: When the Deal Ends When the deal ends, you can see how many deals were successfully purchased, download a list of voucher codes, and we’ll process a payment within 24 hours. We mail the payment via priority mail to ensure that you get the payment as soon as possible.

Step 5: Customers Redeem their Deals Immediately after the deal expires, customers can start redeeming their vouchers at your course. Customers will have to schedule tee times as usual. Customers with vouchers will simply present the voucher when asked to pay. The course will have access to a web page that can validate the voucher’s unique code and mark it as used. This ensures that only valid and unused vouchers are redeemed.

Step 6: Schedule Your Next Deal Make sure to schedule a deal in the future. With only 8 deals a month in your area, we have a very limited number of deals to offer to courses. It’s competitive and courses will line up to get their deals scheduled. Make sure you find the next available date and schedule a deal as soon as possible. And that’s it. A simple, risk-free, and proven method of driving new players to your course.

Watch our “Why Join” video learn more about the benefits of joining DiscountCaddy and about marketing your site with discounts, collective buying, and social media. Why Advertise on Every so often, something comes along and changes the way business is done.

The concept of “Collective Buying” has proven to be one of the most innovative internet marketing strategies for local businesses and is transforming the way that businesses approach advertising. The concept is widely accepted by consumers and businesses alike because of its “Win-Win” approach to advertising. Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts takes the already proven concept and applies it to the golf industry.

Every golfer wants to save money and every golf course wants to get more people playing their course. DiscountCaddy has developed a simple way of bringing the two together by modeling our business after successful collective buying services.

What’s the Difference Between This and Offering Your Own Discounts? Any golf course could offer discounted rounds of golf and promote the discount, but they would struggle with the things Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts specializes in.

A course would struggle with the following if they were to try it themselves:

– Trying to reach customers that they’ve never reached before o We’ve built a network and system that reaches ALL the golfers in your area.

– Syndicating the deal with social media strategies o, We’ve built integrated social media strategies to ensure that every deal is syndicated the right way.

– Setting up an online processing system to accept orders and payments o We’ve built a website that is safe, secure, and easy to use for the consumer that wants to purchase an a round of golf online.

– Setting up a tracking system, unique vouchers, and back office work. o We’ve built a system for tracking the order, delivering vouchers, and handling support for customers that have questions. These are just a few of the things we offer as a free service to golf courses in exchange for giving our customers a deal on a round of golf.

There are hundreds of other things that could go wrong with trying the “do it yourself” strategy. What’s the difference between Traditional Marketing and DiscountCaddy? Traditional marketing strategies typically require you (the course) to pay a bunch of money up front and hope that it translates into new customers and results. Marketing strategies fail pretty often and marketing dollars are wasted.

Why take that risk? Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts is completely risk-free. You only pay a small percentage of the revenues to cover credit card processing fees.

There is no chance of marketing dollars being wasted. It’s essentially taking the money you’d spend advertising and giving it to the customer as a reward for becoming a customer.

Choosing DiscountCaddy eliminates other costs associated with advertising like: –

Creative design work (Signs, Banners, etc) – Printing Costs – Listing fees or Ad Placements (Newspapers, Websites, Magazines) – Pay Per Click Campaigns (where you pay for visitors, but they may or may not become customers) What is the point of doing all of these things, spending time and money trying to promote your course, when we can eliminate all the hassle for free?

What if my course doesn’t want to discount our rounds? Discounting rounds of golf is a solid idea ONLY if you’re capable of getting customers to prepay for the round of golf. You’d never want to have people come into the club house and purchase a discounted round of golf and for obvious reasons. Having customers prepay is the key to properly discounting a round of golf.

It allows the course to get paid for rounds that might otherwise not be sold due to things like, weather, a slow season, or incomplete foursomes. Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts can help you leverage a discount strategy without devaluing the regular price of a round of golf that is purchased at the club house. Ready to Sign Up? Signing up and getting your deal setup only takes a few minutes. Act quickly!

Our limited number of deals a week get schedule quickly. How It Works DiscountCaddy leverages the popular concept of “Collective Buying Power” to get local golf courses to significantly discount rounds of golf during a 48 hour online deal.

The concept of collective buying has become one of the most popular online innovations for consumers and businesses alike. DiscountCaddy is the only collective buying site solely dedicated to helping golfers save money on golf.

Here’s how it works: Every week, Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts two 48 hour online deals at local golf courses. The courses offer 35% to 90% discounts on the rounds in exchange for our syndication of the deal to thousands of golfers looking to save money on tee times.

As the deal “tees off”, we start promoting the deal by notifying our followers using email, facebook, twitter, and relying on you to pass the deal along to your friends and family.

During the 48 hours, golfers from all over the area will hear about the deal and come to to make their purchase within a few simple clicks. After 48 hours, the deal ends and we immediately email each golfer who purchased a deal an email voucher that can be redeemed at the golf course.

The voucher is simply presented when asked to pay for the round and is used similar to the way a “Rain Check” would be redeemed. It’s that simple! Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts makes it easy to get notified of our deals. When you sign up, you tell us where you play golf and provide your email address.

As deals tee off in your area, we’ll email you to with a notification that a 48 hour deal has started. To keep the deals coming, we need your help! Make sure you tell some of your golf buddies about the deals when you get the notification. The more golf deals we can sell, the bigger the discounts will be. Everyone loves saving money, so spread the word.

Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts Marketing Overview has revolutionized the way that golf courses advertise and build a customer base by introducing a “Risk Free” marketing solution that leverages the power of discounts, collective buying, and social media marketing. Here’s the concept: Each week, Discount Caddy – Golf Caddy Discounts features two amazing […]

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