What is deal Mate?

Deal Mate uses collective buying power to bring new huge discounts on experiences and activities in your city every day.

Deal Mate feature an exciting experience in dozens of cities all around New Zealand from fishing charters than restaurants extreme activities the day spas in Jim’s too good old fun on the mountains.

Deal Mate work with ends its favorite local businesses to offer you one deal each day at a crazy low price.

Using deal mate his easing check in every day for the New Deal or subscribe to our daily alerts at a deal will be emailed to you every day.

If you see something you like sign up you will be charged until enough people by to activate the deal by requiring a minimum number a buyer’s we can guarantee businesses loss if customers and ensure that our subscribers received massive discounts so everyone wins unlike other daily deal website.

We strive to give you even bigger discounts some deals on offer Jewell tipping we call that good old Kiwi ingenuity to make sure you get the discount spread the word by transforming also been to a walking signpost Or you could use more exotic methods like Facebook or Twitter when enough people joined will send you the deal coupon which you can print and use just like cash Today’s deal not your cup of tea 10 do deal made as an easy way to buy gifts and fun experience is the old friends and loved ones the deal made makes it easy to assemble a huge group of people with the bargaining power to get crazy deals So what are you waiting for get your deal made today because the whole wheat growing the more you say?

Deal Mate is an amazing platform for buyers who buy regularly to get more discount on purchase.

Deal Mate is also providing you deal coupons which can be used like cash. Sheep is specially added in this video for customer engagement.

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