This is Jane.

She rents out Spanish properties to tourists.

Travelers love her and give her five star ratings.

But lately, Jane has been stressed about being able to provide the usual service because of new regulations which require her to collect passports, ID´s &guest signatures and file them with the local authorities.

This takes a lot of time collecting guests details in person by whatsapp & email etc, logging into police websites, filling out forms, getting signatures, and now worrying if her customer’s personal information is secure.

But then Jane found Check-in Scan.

Check-in Scan allows Jane, her employees & guests to easily scan, sign and send her guests details on arrival to her properties , securely transmitting the data to the police and creating the signed guest check in forms for each property or automatically.

It’s packed full of other useful features and best of all, there are no monthly fees. Just pay per guest.

Now Jane has more time and is back in action and her business has grown even larger.

Do you rent, manage or own holiday properties?

Then, get started with Check-in Scan and get 10 FREE CREDITS when you download the app today!

Client details: Check-in Scan

Country: Spain

Type: Video

Style: Vector Art

Duration: 60 Sec

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