Meet one of your members – John! John wants to buy a car.

Like most car buyers these days, John will spend ten to twelve hours researching vehicles online before making a decision.

He will see an overwhelming number of financing offers from dealerships, banks, and other alternatives.

With all these online options, John can secure a loan and buy a vehicle without your credit union even finding out he was in the market.

This can’t happen anymore!

Introducing Auto Link!

The fastest way for members to research and locate their perfect vehicle, while increasing your loan revenue and member retention.


Auto Link can be easily integrated with your credit union site. We can have you set up BY NEXT WEEK.


Now that you have Auto Link, John can do all his research in one place, your website!

With Auto Link’s real-time loan leads, you’ll find out specifically who is in the market for vehicle loans as members browse your site!

But the benefits don’t stop when you book the loan.

John will also get a myEZ Car Care membership with discounts on auto maintenance, hotels, car rentals, vacation resorts, roadside assistance, and our Electronic Glovebox app for mobile and desktop.

The entire myEZ Car Care package contains your branding so you can continue your marketing efforts to John throughout the entire vehicle ownership life cycle.

Act now! Integrate with Auto Link today to begin saving your members money on autos and auto loans while driving more revenue to your credit union!

Auto link- Buy Car Online is the fastest and easiest way to find and locate your perfect match vehicle while increasing your loan and membership retention.

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