Talking seems easy but it actually requires enormous brain power. Complex networks throughout the brain work together to transform our thoughts and ideas into strings of spoken words. So even subtle changes into these intricate networks can change the way we speak. Analyzing these speech changes gives us a snapshot of your logical. At Aural analytics web developed robust AL engine to harness the power of speech analytics.

The process is easy and convenient. Short speech samples are collected through an app using any smart phone or tablet. These speech samples automatically upload to a secured cloud server for analysis. We customize our analytics to amplify our plants impact for applications like tracking wellness early disease detection and progression or documenting benefits of drugs or other interventions. In each case we provide our clients with objective and interpret of bone matrix that sensitively tracks neurological health. The result? Better data means Better decisions.

Aural analytics Objective measures of brain health

Client details: Aural Analytics: Objective measures of brain health.

Type: Video

Style: Vector Art

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