Meet Linda, She has been trying to get that pulled together look for a long time now. But try as she might, she ends up wearing her same old boring predictable stuff instead.

Somehow, no matter what she buys, she doesn’t feel like she is getting it right.She even tried copying the mannequins exactly, but that didn’t work, it didn’t look the same on her. She looked like she was wearing someone else clothes.

Then one day, a good friend says to Linda. Hey don’t sweat it, Linda, you just need to call Anne Morrissey. Linda Says: Whose he?

Anne is a top notch personal stylist! She works with men and women just like you. You know, successful people who don’t have the time or skill to shop well for themselves, but still want to look amazing.

So Linda calls Anne and the fun begins. Anne listens to Linda’s story. She looks in the closet. She sees what Linda can’t see, why she is having the difficulties she is having. Anne lays out the strategy that will have Linda looking polished and put together, lust as she had dreamed.

Anne disappears and hits the stores, where she makes the magic happen. Wow, this is so cool! Not like all those times I went shopping and came home with nothing, or just something OK. How does she do it? I can’t believe she found all this stuff that I LOVE and never would have even tried. Anne makes a book of outfits for Linda, so she knows she’s doing it right

Now when Linda goes out in public, people compliment her like never before. She is on cloud 9, All she had to do is follow the book of outfits and she has got it made!

Now Linda can concentrate on what’s important to her and not stress over what to wear and what goes with what. Getting dressed is one of the best parts of her day!.

And that is Linda’s Style Story. What’s Yours? If you are ready to turn it around and write your own happy ending, you know what to do.

Call Anne Today and get yourself booked for Anne Morrissey Style Consulting.

Anne Morrissey Style Consulting is a style consultant that helps people who want to look great by wearing their outfits and don’t get the time to do it.

Anne Morrissey Style Consulting

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