Your customers are mobile, social, and scattered around the globe.

Their smartphones range from the newest iPhone or Android to low-end economy devices.

And they demand high quality real-time voice and video Internet communications.

With “Bring Your Own Device” even your employees are mobile and off the corporate network.

This presents overwhelming challenges… Internet bottlenecks, delays and dropped conversations, noise and choppy calls from bad connections.

How can app development team stackle these problems with limited time and resources?

With more than 20 years of IP communications experience, takes quality of experience for real-time voice and video to the next level.

We utilize a real-time optimized virtual network spanning over 70 data centers with patent pending dynamic routing of voice and video over the Internet.

We optimize for different mobile devices and the challenges of the “mobile last mile”.

The result is premium end-to-end Quality of Experience.

Globally, with easy integration, and no up-front costs.

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