People feel special when they connect

People do business with people that they connect with

A cheerful greeting makes a Fabulous First Impression for your business!

Allow me to Introduce Abby! A team of off -site receptionists who enjoy

Making your clients feel special and making you happy!

Nationwide! From Our Professional Facility in the U.S.! Abby makes Big Things Happen for Small Businesses!

While you are working hard doing what you do best, Abby answers all calls promptly with your

“Thank you for calling The Law Office, this is Abby, how may I assist you?”

“Hi Attorney Strong please”

“ I’m happy to try his line, may I let him know who’s calling?”

“ Sure, Jeff Jones, with ABC about the deposition tomorrow ”

Fabulous, thank you Jeff, one moment please…

“Hi Attorney Strong, it’s Abby, I have Jeff Jones with ABC on the line about the depo tomorrow, would you like the call?

I’m walking into court, can you transfer Jeff to Jodi my paralegal? ”

“Absolutely, have a Fabulous Day!”

“Hi Jodi, it’s Abby, I have Jeff Jones with ABC on the line would you like the call?”

“Yes, thank you, Please put him through.”

Your Calls are transferred WHEREEVER/WHENEVER you want! We gather as much or as little information as you like and instantly send: emails, texts or voice messages.

Abby is the professional voice of your Business!

Making friendly connections with your callers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a skillful receptionist!

Happy Callers become Loyal Clients and Inspired Advocates of your Business!

Abby makes sure everyone in your office “Feels Fabulous!”

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