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Video Explainers’ Co-founder and CEO, Mehroz Khan Is Leading the Firm by Helping Brands to Tell Their Stories: GoodFirms

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Video Explainers

Incorporated in 2006 and based in New York, Video Explainers is a Result-Oriented, 5-Star Rated Animated Video Production Agency. Its motto is explaining idea’s into animated reality through the medium of “The Visual Language.” 

The professionals create animated explainer videos that explain the business, ideas, and services in a fun and engaging way. The Video Explainer expert always sends a seamless message that is easy to understand and can go viral.

The research shows that explainer video has more of a chance to get conversions rather than simple text. Animated Web video is how every business explains their services in an easy and fun manner and invariably gets more results than plain text. 

The animated web video is the best way for clients to get their services, business, company, ideas noticed. The business explainer videos come in styles like storytelling, kinetic text, marketing video, promo video, and whiteboard styles, and a few others. 

Delving into newer facts and discovering more novel horizons are the motivational cornerstones that thrust the company towards progress. From morality, they sieve out that little greatness that marks all the undertaken assignments.

The GoodFirms team approached Mehroz Khan, the co-founder, and CEO of Video Explainers, in which he explained how truly creative the team is, and how the business is expanding that’s for sure through word of mouth. The team is enthused with the impeccable vision of creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary and for procuring the best possible business outcomes for an ideal Video Explainers-customer relationship.

From a global perspective, Video Explainers is an essential part of digital history. Twelve years of extreme excellence down the corporate lane, Video Explainers have consistently imbibed nuance from the esteemed clients. The group has always endeavored to play fair enough in all turns and overcome many hindrances and hardships through our remarkable honesty and character.

For startups kicking off from scratch, the company is their perfect partner in success, and act as professional consultants in every new initiative, they decide to take for additional growth and ROI for established setups.

Talking about the flourishing services, Mehroz elaborates on digital marketing services. He mentions that by staying on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving cosmos of online marketing, the dedicated team has established itself as one of the best digital marketing agencies in New York at GoodFirms. Video Explainer’s mission is to provide the clients with the expertise needed to boost their reach, perceptibility, and pure search rankings on engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The professionals meet or exceed client goals by working directly to distinguish target audiences to develop and use strategies that produce results. The experts’ team helps clients’ businesses grow and engage the audience with an effective social media strategy. They also help clients to establish and maintain a social presence. Video Explainers holds experience in all facets of web development and helps the clients reach their full potential with more sales & leads.

Moreover, the expert digital marketers’ team excels in the science and art of getting a higher rate of clients’ web visitors to take action and becoming a lead or shopper. Thus, they help clients supercharge their SEO efforts by building link relationships that boost rankings rather than take away from them.

Continuing further, Mehroz cites that he was passionate about animations, even before explainer videos or animated video marketing came into existence. This passion and the inspiration taken from cartoons and video games became the basis of the company.

The founders of Video Explainers started as a team of freelancers and reached out to potential local clients. They soon realized this was not how it should go about and joined platforms that they could use to pitch to international clients. Through these platforms, the team scored their first significant gig, which only fueled them to keep on doing better and got them to where they are today.

Talking about the company’s business model, Mehroz beams that they outsourced services like scriptwriting to third-party vendors when they first started. However, being an organization that focused on customer service the most, the team realized that it was not the way to go as it sometimes caused delays, making them uncomfortable.

So now, each video is wholly created in-house. This has acted pretty well for the company as it has a huge dedicated team. All employees have some of the best resources in the market and are passionate about what they do.

Further, Mehroz talks about the process of developing explainer videos. The Explainer Video process starts collecting all the information from the client and concocting further by penning the script. But before that, a survey is being sent to the client to get the answers with which the professional scriptwriter starts acting on a script of the video. After drafting the script, the client reviews it, and if the client wants to edit something in that, they again resend it for revision.

The experts send many voices over to the clients, and they choose among them. Mehroz emphasizes by saying that the approval of the client is required at every stage. Without their permission, the team does not move to the next step. That is why it takes time to make a scribe animation video from the team waits for the client’s approval. Moreover, the procedure itself is time-consuming.

Thus, delivering clients the video in the finest quality with different formats to use and uploading it according to their requirements endows Video Explainers to tap amongst the top video animation companies at GoodFirms.

Concluding the interview, Mehroz divulges that the main aim is to provide the best customer service that there is and cater to our clients more effectively and quickly possible.

This is the reason that drives the team to work their best and complete more than 150 projects per month compared to the 20-25 projects our competitions can do.

Moreover, he also beams that 30-40% of the clients are repetitive, and the new clients the team acquires are also through word of mouth and referrals. “It feels good to be trusted by them so much,” says Mehroz. 

Having read the conversation mentioned above between Mehroz Khan and the interviewer, one can glance at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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