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How to Create App Demo Video In Your Budget

After noting the increasing trend of using demo videos, Apple has made it mandatory for app launchers make an app demo video before launching it in the market.  They devised rules for creating these app demo videos and you can view the specific app store video requirements.

App Store Video Requirements for Demo App Video

The time limit for an app demo video should be between 15-30 sec. You cannot show human hands scribing, as in a “whiteboard” video. You just need to depict the main features of your app in the app demo video. Also, present the features that describe the USP of your app. You can use background music, animations, and voice-over in the app demo video.

So you really need to think about the app demo video content as you have to inform and convince your viewer in just 30 seconds, which is a short time span. Your script needs to be really powerful and convincing. You should really work on presenting your app’s key features in the demo which will make the customer’s life easier. This is no problem if you have the time and money to produce it properly, but if you have limited resources, then scroll down to learn how you can make a video on a small budget.

Making a Demo Video on Your Own

You can make the app demo video yourself, but you might have to compromise on the quality of the video somewhat. Also, the process of making app demo video is really time-consuming so if you plan to go it alone, get ready to spend lots of time learning and completing the production process.


You have to be really clear about your messaging. What do you want to say about your app and then what do you want the viewer to do? Also, what will the style be? Informative? Arousing? Entertaining? Humorous? Think about it. Watch your competitor’s app demo video and see what they did right, and what doesn’t seem to work. After you complete your research, sit down and write down all ideas that come to mind. Also, brainstorm with your mates to get their viewpoint on things. Come up with creative and innovative ideas, since these days, being unique is what makes the greatest impact in a customers’ mind. When you have a perfect concept, then start working on the script.


First, you have to write up a script that is very powerful and convincing. The script will play a great role in persuading people in such a short span of time. But you are not a professional script writer, so you if you don’t know how to write the script from scratch, you’ll need to do a bit of research on how to write a quality script for your app demo video. Find out what the strong points are that should be added in the script to make it convincing and effective. Refer to your notes so you stay on track, providing only the information that will help viewers make a decision to download the app.


Think about how you would like to present the information in the best video style that is suited to promote your app. Also, check to see if your primary marketing message fits well within the video style you have selected. Only after analyzing these factors, can you begin making your app demo video.

Making Story Board

Now you really want to start creating a visual blueprint for what the visuals will be that accompany the script. Take a piece of paper and start drawing out the sketches, scene by scene. Be aware that when you finally match the scenes with the script, you may have to remove or add some visuals.


Make the message more compelling by selecting some interesting background music. You can choose background tracks from music websites like Jingle music, Vimeo music store, and the YouTube audio library. Music adds an entertaining aspect to the video. An amazing music track can help keep the viewer’s attention.

Voice Over

You can talk to friends about volunteering as the voice over talent for your demo video. Or you can use Fiver for this. Fiver could charge as low as $5.00. Long scripts would add more to your production costs. You can also visit freelancing websites and look for the right voice over for your app demo video. Elance is a good freelance website that can be used in this regard.


You can try to do everything yourself, but if you need help, you can consult a professional video production house to to learn all the steps involved in the process of video making. For the highest quality, follow each production step thoroughly and give it your best effort. You’ve got lots of competition and to stand out in this market is really difficult. You need a strategy to get this done… maybe some things you can do yourself, but for those you can’t, be prepared to hire experts and have those resources selected. There are many people who outsource their talent an you search for them on the internet or just Google “ video explainer company”  which will list companies who can help you with any stage of your project.

Script Proofing & Improvements:

The script is a very integral part of the app demo video and you may want to run your script by an animated video company for proofreading, asking them to make suggestions for improvements, or you can also hire a professional script writer to do a rewrite. Ask questions, such as, “What do you think of this script? Is the messaging clear? Will it fit into a 15-30 second time frame? Do you have suggestions for improving it?

Style Selection

Now if you have really made up your mind about the style of the video according to the target market and product, discuss it with your video explainer company and see if they agree. Provide them with your suggestions and ideas and then see what style they recommend for your app demo video. Be willing to change if they present a strong reason to switch to another video style.


Provide your storyboard drawings to the animated video company for review. Again, ask for suggestions and if the scenes work with the style of video you had in mind, or if you change styles, does the storyboard still apply, or should the storyboard now be revised?


When the animated video company creates illustrations they will add the final graphics to the video. Make sure that the color themes used in the illustrations are according to your brand logo style and colors. It is really important to see the color combinations since these colors will enhance your brand as they are seen throughout the video.

Voice Over

If you want a professional voice over reading for your app demo video, then you can ask the animated company to provide you with the voice over samples in the preferred languages.  Some animated companies don’t charge for the voice over. You can choose the one that really suits the feel of your demo video. Make sure that you don’t move ahead until you are satisfied with each and every step of the production process.


If you want to get music from the animated video company, then you can ask to hear music samples from the library they use. Select the music that really compliments the app video style.

Animation & Editing

Ask for animations directions from your explainer video company. Then provide your feedback and suggestions to them. You need to study these carefully, and discuss your ideas in detail, because creating the animation is technical and time consuming, and it is not really easy to constantly change things without adding time and costs to the process.

Publishing Your Video

So congratulations! Your app demo video is now ready for the world to see!!! You can easily upload it and share it with your friends and business executives. Sit back, relax and watch the results of your app demo video presentation!! See how well your efforts and hard work have paid off.


Be very clear in all communication when you are developing your app demo video. You should know exactly what you have to convey to the audience and what they should do after viewing the video. Highlight the main features of your app that apply to the USP of your app. Manage to do it all in 30 seconds. Be concise, short, and targeted!!! And present the video in a creative way. Making a video takes a little more effort than you probably first believed, but the results will be worth it. Best of luck for your new app demo video!

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