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How Salespersons Can Use Explainer Videos to Get Leads?

The main purpose of every business is to sell more by generating more leads. For better leads, it is necessary to focus on customer engagement, marketing, and brand loyalty. However, most sales representatives fail to do so, but to keep them ahead of the competitive edge, explainer videos are incredibly beneficial to fetch more leads. That is why the explainer video services have become widespread these days to deliver the complicated ideas and concepts of brands through short, simple yet compelling visual and auditory stimuli. 

In fact, such videos have become incredibly important because 68 percent of customers enjoy watching video content, and 64 percent of them prefer to purchase after watching product/services videos. However, did you know that explainer films can help a salesman to produce leads for a company? 

If not, then let’s have a look at this blog to learn about some of the ways that explainer videos may assist you to develop leads as a salesperson.

1. Targeting Customers’ Pain Points 

Explainer videos are the key to captivating the engagement of customers of all ages. These videos usually target the pain points of the customers to sell products and services. Pain points are the problems faced by the customers for which they need an instant solution. 

For example, auto consumers mostly encounter problems with the sputtering of engines and not all of them are able to buy a luxurious car. With these details, a salesperson can get the leads better. 

Pro Tip:

If you are a salesperson, try to avoid the over-promotion of explainer videos, instead focus on the emotional prospects of consumers to enhance their level of buying. 

2. Circulating Explainer Videos on Social Media 

In today’s digital era, social media is the most effective marketing instrument. When explainer videos are shared on several social media platforms, they have a much higher possibility of going viral, globally. If the video is about employment opportunities for professionals, the sales representative will definitely go ahead with LinkedIn to entice new customers. 

This particular strategy remains the same with other social media platforms. However, a salesperson connects the company and its prospects to the customers and as a result, it develops soon-to-be qualified leads about your products and services. 

3. Operating Effective Marketing Campaigns 

Sales and marketing campaigns work together to elevate the growth of the business. Well, believe it or not, effective marketing can do wonders for your business! That is why sales agents take advantage of such marketing campaigns to generate leads and later conversions. It is true since 80 percent of companies believe that explainer videos enable not just in producing the leads, but it increases the website traffic and ultimately boosts the revenue. 

It is because videos support the sales funnel significantly better than marketing which is entirely based on text content. Keep in mind that when a sales individual is able to generate a significant number of customers, it also strengthens your ROI along with conversion rate. 

4. Utilization of Explainer Videos in Email

Explainer videos are used to generate leads via email marketing and sales representatives utilize this tactic very often. Furthermore, today companies prefer collecting leads through emails to communicate and increase brand awareness among clients. Evidently, emails have become increasingly important in recent years, according to a study, since they yield 300 percent greater click rates. Isn’t this interesting for you to know? What’s your say? 

A sales team begins generating more leads to acquiring the full potential of explainer videos via emails. On the contrary, there are many firms that even fail badly to create an engaging explainer video and that doesn’t work as planned. 

If you are facing the same issue, you should definitely contact Explainer video services and get better ideas and guidance. 

5. Sharing Explainer Videos in the Right Way 

One of the excellent methods to bring a concept, service, or product to life is through explainer videos. You can visually allure people with simple material through short, and simple video content. But sharing the right videos of brands at the right time is also significant, for example, if a brand sells more than three products and out of which two products work well and consumers respond to it in a positive manner. 

On the flip side, that one specific product is not very popular, so a salesperson can share that video at the right time, for example by offering discounts and promotions on that specific product. Once the consumers’ trust is built, based on the other two brands, it becomes easier for the sales team to generate leads effectively with the upcoming or failed brands. 

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