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How Do You Plan an Explainer Video?

You must have heard about Explainer videos and how they are the most convenient way to get your message across to your target audience. The real struggle though is finding out how to string everything together and then perfectly capturing the essence of your business/brand.

If you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. We have narrowed down everything you need to know about planning an explainer video, in a few simple steps.

What exactly is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video that is 1 to 2 minutes long and conveys your specific message to your targeted audiences while making it easier for them to comprehend. This is one of the reasons why explainer videos are animated since the animations are easier to understand and retain. The essence of your business will be collected and broken down into simpler chunks, making the content easily digestible by the audience. This is exactly why explainer videos are so in demand nowadays, since watching a video is simpler as compared to reading a boring article.

The reason for an explainer video’s success is solely behind its structure. They are brief yet thoroughly planned out.

Follow these steps given below to make a kickass explainer video that will surely get your viewer’s attention.

Step 1: Outline the purpose of your video:

Before doing anything we need to ask ourselves the question “Why?” The reason why you are making an explainer video for your brand should be clear in your mind before you proceed any further.  So take your time to pinpoint your brand’s necessities and align your offer accordingly.

Some businesses might be looking to generate leads and getting conversions while some would be interested in targeting a new set of audiences.

Step 2: Determine your Target Audience:

Knowing your target audience is key since that is your gold mine. Determine who you are getting your message across to.  Are they the same audience that is being re-targeted or is it someone new who is completely unaware of your existence. Making a customer avatar of your target audience is crucial since it will help you tailor your video according to their mindset, age, and interests. The size of the target audience also needs to be addressed since that determines the style of the video.

Step 3: Find out what drives your audience

Focus on what your audience actually wants and why. Find out what keeps your audience up at night and what drives them crazy, because when you know the problem, only then will you be able to propose a solution with your services/products. Pinpoint your audience’s weak points and show them how YOU can add value to their business.

Step 4: Choose the message you want to convey:

Cohesiveness is key when it comes to telling a story. Plan out your content and divide it accordingly throughout the video. You need to de-clutter your audience’s mind and for that, your video needs to start with a solid question that the audience can relate to. That will be the bait your audience will bite into. From there on, add fire to the flame by building suspicion to keep the audience hooked. And by the end, propose your solution. This will reel in your target audience and make them realize that it was YOU who they were looking for all along.

Step 5: Pick a call to action:

Telling your customers what to do, is your call of action. Making it clear to them how to contact you or book a meeting or drop a message are all different Calls to action. Without it, you might miss out on a possible sale, so don’t keep your audience guessing and tell them what to do before the video ends.

Step 6: Determine how/where your video will be used:

Choose the design, font, layout and the pattern based on the platforms your video is going to be published on. For Social Media, consider adding in subtitles or catchy captions/music to capture the audience’s attention immediately. Make sure that when your audience watches your videos, they do not come across any sort of hindrance.

Step 7: Stay Consistent with your style:

When making an explainer video make sure you stay consistent with whatever style you decide to go for. You will have a bunch of options to choose from like:

  • Whiteboard animation: Your characters and story will come to life in front of your eyes adding more meaning to the vision behind the big picture.
  • Animated: Traditional animations where animated characters become your brand’s identity since they recur from time to time in the brand’s work.

Step 8: Set your KPI’s for success:

Set indicators to determine how you will measure the success of your explainer video. If your plan was to post it on social media to generate leads, then you can easily measure success by seeing the number of leads generated through those channels.

These were the 8 crucial points that need to be taken into consideration when planning an explainer video that will immerse your audience.

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