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How Corporate Sector Can Benefit From Explainer Videos?

Great ideas make complicated situations simple, and an Explainer Video is a great way to achieve the desired effect only if you partner with the best explainer video service provider. 

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly important as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy. These are the videos that explain your company, products, or services to potential customers in an easy-to-understand cartoon/animation format or a short shoot-based film/motion movie format. 

If you implement the best plan for attracting and engaging your audience, including the explainer video, it leads to higher returns than any other approach, and as we all know, even minor improvements in conversion rates can have a significant impact on business and help to increase overall profitability.

What Exactly Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are brief, informative videos that simplify potentially complex or abstract topics, products, and concepts. They accomplish this by combining explanatory voice-over with relatable characters and motion graphics to quickly and effectively communicate a message.

You begin with a recognizable challenge, then introduce a simple solution (you! ), and finally, shows a better version of life that is only possible because of your product or service.

Explainer videos are a fantastic resource for businesses. They’re informative, educational, and memorable, and they have the potential to increase conversion rates when used in conjunction with a web, email, or social campaign.

They even have side effects such as increasing web traffic, increasing email open rates, and improving SEO. So, let’s look at why they’re such a valuable asset to businesses!

The Importance Of Creating Explainer Videos

Creating an Explainer Video is the best way to simplify a product for buyers. These videos are used to increase viewer interaction and disseminate information on websites. Explainer Videos allow the company to easily incorporate colors, logos, and a brand image into the content. 

A company can use these videos to create different models/stories while keeping the basic or core idea the same. When a company first starts, it has a small customer base; therefore, to expand its reach, it must market its products and services effectively. Implementing an explanatory video is an excellent way to solve the problem while also marketing the product across multiple platforms.

The Significance Of Explainer Videos For Businesses

 If you want to improve your online marketing strategy with new tools, Amazingly crafted explainer videos are an out-of-the-box solution for you. These videos include moving text, animation, graphics, still images, and other media that you can use to describe your company. 

An explainer video is an excellent way to help potential customers understand what you do without requiring them to read a large amount of text. An explainer video is one of the simplest ways to walk your audience through the origins of your product while also keeping them captivated with unique animation, catchy music, and information resources. 

In a study, it was reported that 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2021 compared to 61% in 2016. This means that more and more people are watching videos nowadays, which is obviously good news for the company that is using an explainer video to promote its business.

Moreover, the creation of explanatory videos has aided businesses and marketers in improving their digital media presence. To generate a good ROI, businesses must capture the attention of their customers. Please take a look at the advantages listed below: 

Pitch Perfection Videos

Explainer videos have a greater influence than simply written content. Others are influenced by video to publish your content on their website and their social media platforms.

Increased Sharing Rate 

Because videos are easy to share, they have a higher sharing rate than simple content, and approximately 92 percent of consumers share video content with others. Explainer videos are not limited to being shared through a single medium, but rather through a variety of communication channels. 

Greater Profit

Explainer videos are one of the most effective tools for use in advertisements that require a higher return on investment. They enable the company to generate higher ROI at a low cost, and it is a powerful tool to help the business track online video performance. 

Increased Mobility 

These videos can be adapted to various screen sizes. The main advantage is that a person can view the content simply by looking at the mobile phone.

Increased Retention Rate 

A video is easier for a person to remember than written content. The video combines animation, sound, and a compelling story. When emotions are involved, it allows you to engage them for a longer period and retain them in their memories. 


Explainer videos are so beautifully crafted by production houses that customers find them very easy to understand. This helps to describe the basic idea and simplifies the terms and conditions. This is an excellent resource for information on content features, processes, and benefits.

Final Thoughts

Creating an explainer video is an excellent way to communicate a message to an audience. It defines the company’s key elements and disseminates information about the business concept and product offering. You can now show your customers what you’re doing instead of just telling them with words thanks to Explainer Videos. With that being said, to make sure your business enjoys the full benefits of exceptional explainer videos, hire Simply Explainer to get the best explainer video services in town. Connect with us today to get started.


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