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How and Why Dumb Ways to Die Go Viral


Dumb Ways to Die is one of the most successful viral video campaigns ever. This video has also made me a huge fan. You get mesmerized watching these cute little blobs depict the aspects of our everyday life. But have you noticed that why this campaign was chosen to run by an animated video? Although the message that was in the campaign was very serious, but it has  been greatly delivered in a fun and a humorous way. The importance of animated video has been greatly mentioned here as video with animation always catches the eyes of the audience and make them enjoy as well as understand the message that has to be delivered.

Campaign Design

This campaign was designed for a public transport authority in Melbourne, Australia promotes public safety while using their Metro Trains. The ad was created by McCann Advertising Agency. The video intentionally used black humor to promote train safety featuring a variety of animated cartoon characters dying in unusual ways.

Purpose of the Video

This three-minute music video shows adorable little blobs, making the stupidest safety decisions, such as playing with wild animals, sticking forks in toasters, and more unwise decisions, all leading to fatal accidents.
The purpose of creating this video campaign was to alert people that they may be acting carelessly when using trains. Young people today don’t listen to public safety messages and may be preoccupied, and can end up sacrificing their lives by not following the basic safety rules.

So, how do you get them to care about being safe around trains? You need to come up with something that is phenomenal and will make them understand the message better, and in a more fun way by adding humor and making it entertaining!

That’s  how the idea was generated to create the video“Dumb Ways to Die which went viral and became very effective as spreading the message. The awareness campaign was simple, just bringing up the concept that being unsafe around trains was another dumb way to die.

Buzz in The Market

The viral effect the song and video created eventually topped off with  more than 30 million YouTube views. It generated a huge discussion about the subject of safety and the effect of the video in the industry itself.

Next, the company uploaded the campaign to Reddit for  8 straight  hours and it also became the most shared video of all time. The video was picked up by every other media channel, whether a radio show or a TV news channel, or in print,  it seemed that Dumb Ways to Die was shared nearly everywhere!


This song even made a buzz a buss on iTunes as it was  published it in 42 different countries. Within two weeks, the video accumulated over 28.7 million views and 35,000 comments.

It is still available for purchase in the iTunes store, where carries a five star rating. People also started sharing their own version of the song. Dumb Ways to Die which was a major factor in why it became such a monster hit!!!

Becoming The Most Popular

The popularity of the song and video grew so much and so rapidly that other content was developed, such as  games, an app, fan websites, and more. If you haven’t seen the video on Face Book or YouTube yet, then here’s a link you can follow to view it. Watch this video once and you’ll become a fan of these crazy little blobs too.

The video is fascinating, isn’t it? Plus,  it possesses that cute indie sound that is so popular right now. It is the perfect mixture of fun, animation and music that helps to deliver a very important and serious message.

Video Plays an Effective Role

This video has played an important and effective role in defining train accidents as “dumb” instead of tragic.
The idea behind this Dumb Ways to Die campaign taps into the way marketing is changing in order to persuade people to take action, whether it be purchasing products or services, or altering their behavior which is the hardest goal to achieve. As the success of this video campaign proves, using video can be an effective tool in getting the message across and getting people to take action.

These videos are quite effective and make an impact in the market very quickly. Animated video is a great way for promoting your product or services and professional video production houses play a huge role in taking your ideas and turning them into amazingly fun, informational, and motivating videos.

So, have fun listening to Dumb Ways to Die and remember that it helped save our loved ones from harm.

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