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How EXPLAINER VIDEO GUIDE Made Me A No.1 Salesperson

Explainer videos have all the hype of engaging customers and helping them know the products better, but what good do they do to a salesperson? If you ask a guy at Video Explainers, you’ll know that the Explainer Video Guide has done wonders in selling and getting a command of the knowledge. 

Imagine being on a phone, an email, or a chat, and explaining to the customers how your company cleans refrigerator filters or installs them. Think about the person on the other side asking you about the process. You might look like an ordinary company if you fail to cover all the details. Now imagine there’s an explainer video for Refrigerator filter installation that shows exactly what a customer needs to know. The potential user will now watch the video, discuss the charges, and your job, as a salesperson is done.

The Secrets of Explainer Videos Guide that Sells

1. Videos with Pleasing Scripts

It’s not just animation, but the script that can make your explainer video unique and sound. It is the perspective that makes your product creative and solution-oriented. The script structure may begin with the problem leading to the introduction of a company. Then, mention how it resolves the problem and end it with a CTA. 

This call-to-action is the magic tool for the salesperson and generates leads. 

2. Videos with Shorter Lengths

Long videos can backfire on your whole marketing strategy. If you are making a how-to video, keep it between 45-90 seconds. If it is a testimonial video, keep it between 60-120 seconds. 

The idea of an explainer video is to save the viewers’ time, and it is only possible if you know how to deliver messages precisely.  

3. Videos with Problem-Solving Action

Making a fancy video with all the features, but no depiction of how it solves the problem might not gain the trust you want. You are not making the video, of course, but you know that if your company has one showing the actual worth, you’re in good hands. The Storytelling here plays a vital role. The animators know how to create characters with whom the viewers can relate, show their problem and then provide the solution. 

Check out this explainer video to see what exactly we are talking about: Diet Control App.

Explainer Video Guide: Examples of Videos that Practically Helped with Boosting Sales

1. Explainer Video Guide of Billing Star Solutions

Billing Star Solutions are a firm that helps medical practices to be more profitable and easy. It reduces expenses by infusing technological advancements into medical billing. Since it was an innovative idea, the concept needed the right communication tool. That’s where Video Explainers took control and with the process-explaining video, helped the company get more than 500 clients. 

The video created leads and made it easier for the salesperson to close the already impressed audiences. 

2. Explainer Video Guide of DropBox

Once you start following an explainer video guide, there’s no going back! Today, everyone knows Dropbox, but at the time when it was a new idea, it struggled. 

The brand started through paid ads, and spent huge amounts, but failed to capture the targeted audience. What did they do next? They got a 120 seconds explainer video made and surged in popularity like anything. Dropbox experienced the highest growth at that time, with a whopping 750,000 views a month. 

3. Explainer Video Guide of Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg tracks website traffic and helps companies grow. But what helped them grow is the mere idea of replacing text with video on their website. The explainer video started by stating the problem, capturing the potential customers, and proposing the solutions they provide. That one-of-a-kind video helped them boost conversions by 64 percent in just 150 seconds. 

Similar to other examples, the salesperson again had to close the lead only. 

Ready to Boost your Sales?

You all want to achieve the sales target; how good would it be if an Explainer video could do half of your job? Companies need a human element to convince the other party over charges and to understand their unique requirements. Our experts at Video Explainers are right here for the same. 

To help you further, here’s our Video Explainer Guide that can educate you about this magical turnaround from scratch. And then, we can work together to boost your sales. Reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at +1(800)6177342. We surely know you need a boost, so let’s talk further!

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