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Create The Best Product Launch Video

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, the ubiquitous product video can either make or break your potential customers. Including video on your website has been shown to increase conversions by approximately 80%.

A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers to pay attention to you (and to open their wallets). Here at Video Explainers, we’ve seen our fair share of product launch videos through our high res video animations. Here are some pointers for creating great product launch videos that convert, as well as examples from brands and small businesses that are killing it.


Show off your slick product, but also how it fits into the bigger picture of your customers’ lives. With your product launch video, try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem that your product solves?
  • How does it improve the lives of your customers?
  • Is it motivating the customer to do more?
  • Will this product make them happier in general?

Walking The Talk

A high-concept product trailer may be artistic and fancy, but if viewers don’t know what you’re selling by the end, they’re unlikely to become customers. Pretend you’re in first grade and doing “Show and Tell” — display your product and tell your customers about it. It’s as simple as that.

Here are a few examples of product videos used by both small and large e-commerce businesses:

Demo: Simply put, a demo video animation shows the product in action while it is being used!

Explainer: Using a combination of audio and text, the video animation explains how a product works and shares the story behind your brand. Video animations in the form of explainer videos are frequently what persuading people to buy.

Tutorial: These are instructive in the sense that they provide a list of step-by-step instructions. Instead of being purely a marketing tool, tutorials could be tailored to those who have already purchased and required assistance with a complex product.

Tell Your Own Story

When people watch a product launch video, they aren’t just interested in the product’s technical specifications. They want to meet the people who created the product as well as the people who use it.

Sure, the specs are useful, but they aren’t everything. Consumers prefer companies with a mission over those glitzy products. Use your product launch video animation or demo to explain why your company exists. Respond to the big questions.

For example, your company:

  • Collaboration with social justice initiatives?
  • Donate a portion of your earnings to community organizations?
  • Are you using your social media platforms to educate your followers about social issues?
  • Have you implemented meaningful, sustainability practices, such as eliminating single-use plastics or going carbon neutral?
  • Caring, in other words, is cool.


Because your product launch video serves as an advertisement — as well as a first impression — for your product/service, appearances are important. That means that shaky video animation or unclear photography can (and will) lead to a drop in product sales.

Because your product launch video may be used as a Facebook ad or embedded on your e-commerce website, you should be proud of the final cut. You can completely personalize your product video by uploading your brand’s logo and fonts or using our limitless library of non-cheesy stock footage to jazz up your product demo.

Target Audience Resonance

When bands go on tour, they frequently shout out the name of the city in which they are performing. We recommend doing the same in your product launch video, both metaphorically and literally. Whether you’re targeting a specific demographic or geographic audience, you should tailor your product launch video to be highly relevant to your potential customer.

Infuse A Brand Persona

Don’t be afraid to use a product launch video to highlight the identity of your company. Displaying your personality is an excellent way to distinguish your product from the millions of similar products on the market.

Call To Action

Make it simple for potential customers to purchase your product/service after the video animation concludes. How? Include a call to action or a next step/goal. If your product launch video is more of a proof-of-concept, include an email capture or a link to preorder in the video.


In a product launch video, it’s all too easy to speak at your audience rather than to them. Because your goal is to initiate a conversation with a potential customer, make every effort to connect with the person on the other side of the screen.


To create a successful and engaging video animation, try to be direct, creative, and interactive. Prioritize your efforts toward being helpful and highlighting your product’s unique selling point. What’s the bottom line? Most customers aren’t paying attention to your every move. They simply want to know the top features of your product and how to purchase it.



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