Covid 19 Consumer Trends (2020)

Covid 19 Consumer Trends (2020)


2020 has impacted consumer behavior all over the world. Keep reading to see the Covid 19 Consumer Trends


1. More than 50% of the US Residents agreed that they spent more time-consuming content in this pandemic than ever before. (Media Frenzy Global)

2. More than 55% of Millennials and Gen Z voted that they want more content from brands, not less. (Media Frenzy Global)

3. 45% of all those surveyed agree they want to be inspired by brands so they buy from them in the future. (Media Frenzy Global)

4. 45% of people reported that their perception of a brand has changed based upon how they have communicated during the Covid-19 pandemic—good or bad. (Media Frenzy Global)

5. 47% of consumers want to see more content from a brand that is not related to the Covid-19 pandemic. (Media Frenzy Global)

6. 85% of CMO’s have noticed increased openness of consumers to new digital offerings introduced during the pandemic (Marketing Charts)

7. 84% of CMO’s noticed an increase in value placed on digital experiences (Marketing Charts)

8. 8% of video marketers reported that the video gave them a positive ROI (Hubspot)

9. YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used platforms among video marketers — used by 85% and 79%, respectively. (Hubspot)

10. 66% of video marketers who used Tik Tok to promote their brand’s video, reported success. (Hubspot)

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