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Beginners Guide to Bad Animation

Animation is one of the most renowned art forms with a powerful influence on a business marketing strategies. That is why, these days, brands widely use animation to communicate with the target audience. And let’s admit that professional animation is not a piece of cake for everyone. And to be on the safer side, brands hire the best-animated explainer video companies to make everything error-free. Since bad animation can ruin the entire image of a firm, falling behind in the fierce marketplace is equivalent to unpleasant marketing efforts. 

So, for beginners who wish to continue their career in animation, we have a quick help for you in this blog. It will guide you about each action that you should NOT do. Let’s read it!

1. Squashing and Stretching of Objects 

The impression of flexibility and liveliness is created by squashing and extending objects and figures as they move from one side to another. Doing this will make the animation more interesting and notifies the viewers about the different shapes of an object. 

Keep in mind how flexible or stiff your object is while adding extra dimension to your animated objects. For example, if you put a bowling ball into your scene, it’s unlikely to alter shape significantly. However, if you toss a stress ball back and forth, it has the potential to get severely twisted and go out of shape. So, if your animations appear to be overly rigid, consider adding squash and stretch to the movement to see if it helps.

2. Create Multiple Frames Intentionally 

Pay close attention to the animation concept of time if you’re wondering how to animate smoothly. Arrange the number of frames per action and the time allocated for each frame. You can change the animation’s apparent speed, weight, and smoothness by changing the number of frames. But, to make the animation more fascinating and lifelike, you should use a variety of timings and frames. 

There may be motions and effects that you think are important to a scene or any character. For that, add secondary action and adjust height and distance separately. Try adding some supplementary action to your animations if they look flat.

3. Make Realistic Designs and Objects 

One of the greatest and the most important 2D animation guidelines includes solid graphic design. It serves as a reminder that, even if you’re simply portraying objects in two dimensions, they must appear to be in three dimensions. Practice your 3D sketching abilities, and make sure that all of the components in your animation have realistic volume, weight, and balance.

You, as an animator, must be competent enough to sketch from all perspectives and angles. Animate and paint your designs carefully to make them appear more realistic after you have a solid sketch of that image.

Some more Insights! 

Here’s a list of some do’s and don’ts of animated explainer videos that you should know while crafting them. 

Do’s of Animated Explainer Videos 

  • Educate your audience about your brand and the products and services you offer through the animated characters. 
  • Keep everything simple and short. The length should not be more than 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Introduce your business by targeting the customer’s pain points. 
  • Choose colors wisely. They should not be too dark and bold but a perfect blend of light and dusky hues. 
  • Add compelling CTA’s at the end of your video to guide your audience about the next step towards the sales funnel. 

Don’ts of Animated Explainer Videos 

  • Do not try to demonstrate everything in a single explainer video. 
  • Never use complex sentences or phrases. Break them into shorter ones for the audience to understand them quickly. 
  • Don’t oversell your products by using a sales tone and language. The easiest way is to tell your brand’s story. It will automatically help you to generate sales. 
  • Avoid excessive animation at the same time. Otherwise, it will make your video look messy. 

Promote your Products/Services with the Best Animated Explainer Video Companies! 

The existing desire for video content with animation components clearly indicates the importance of a brand’s marketing efforts. Indeed, there is no better approach to communicating with your target audience than creating the ideal animated explainer videos. 

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