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Avoid the top 5 mistakes made By Beginning Animated Video Explainer

In this digital world, if you want to engage people or give a message to your target audience, there is nothing better than an Animated video. It is one of the most powerful tools today because you can combine images, motion, and audio to ensure that your message is clear and memorable. It is effective because it gives you leverage visual and verbal cues to convey your brand’s message. In this way, you don’t only convey your message, but also improve your message retention. However, countless explainer videos fail to do that job. It is not enough to just upload a video to your marketing strategy. You need to keep in mind that there are millions of videos uploaded daily and most of the videos get hidden and forgotten for the moment they are uploaded.

Ever wondered how can you make sure that your explainer videos remain visible? You need to avoid the top 5 mistakes during the process of making an animated video for your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Not Knowing your Target Audience

The first and foremost thing in making an animated video is to know your target audience. You make videos for the viewers, right? And to have the right impact, you need to know a lot about your audience. 

For example; prior info about their ages, gender, location, professions, interests, hobbies, beliefs, preferences, and more. It can help you shape your video precisely for the key interests. You can manage the best suitable mood for your video, a relevant style of illustration, tune, and a message. Your target audience data can enable you to create an animated explainer video that not only draws attention to your brand but also brings energy. 

2. Having A Bad Script

The script is the most important part of an animated video. If you have a bad script, it will not only affect your company, but also your company’s products or services without mentioning a customer. 

People usually stop watching a video after 10 seconds if they don’t find your video interesting. A good script is one that pays more attention to the consumer’s real problems, needs, and nature, and looks for the best problem solution. 

It is not obligatory to turn your explainer video into a sales pitch. The best thing to have in your script is entertainment. It will not only increases your chances of being heard, but can also help people to perceive information more efficiently.

3. Too Long Videos

Most people want to share every bit of information in their videos. As a result, they get ended up making their videos too long and boring. Though, it is impossible to know the ideal duration of a video, be it promotional, explanatory, or of any kind. However, videos intended for advertising on YouTube and other social networks should never go beyond 2 minutes.

4. Hiring A Substandard Animation Company

Brands hire, low-cost animation companies that don’t match the minimum standards. That is one of the reasons that most of the videos go unnoticed. You must hire an animation company with a solid portfolio. And then, look over the portfolio and determine whether their style naturally represents your product. 

If the animation doesn’t match your required standards, it will fail to boost your product’s image and potentially damage your brand’s image by misrepresenting it. For your suggestion, Animated Video Explainer is one of the best explainer video companies in the US with a solid portfolio. They have expertise in producing all the latest trends in animated explainer videos like 2D Cartoon Animation, 3D Animation, Infographics, Motion Graphics, Typography, and Whiteboard.

5. No Call To Action Button 

You can create a perfect animated video, but if you don’t provide any call to action, there will be no use. Here we mean any hint, directly or indirectly, that tells the viewers what to do next. For this, you need to clearly know the end goal and link it with the video.


The above 5 are some mistakes you should avoid while creating an animated explainer video. However, there can be many other mistakes, but these five are the most common and crucial to avoid. You can have a stunning and excellent animated video that can skyrocket your business. But for that, you need an expert Animated video explainer Company like Video Explainer, which never compromises the content and quality.

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