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So you are finding an animated video creator to tell your brand story in a fun way?

Smart choice! Because animated video creator is best for explaining complex ideas. Animation can bring life to your stories. If you are running a business, this video type can be insanely useful to boost your CTR. 

Finding a well-animated video creator is challenging because how would you determine the traits of an excellent animated video creator

Learn that hiring someone is also an investment, so ensure you properly investigate before proceeding. We have covered some silver bullet steps with sample questions to judge if a video creator is best for you. It will save you from last-minute hassles and wasting your money.

5 Must Follow Steps Before Hiring an Animated Video Creator

1. Ask For Portfolio

Imagine destroying your most important product just because you handed it over to a fresher. Bad Video can affect your sales. It is not that Freshers are not good! Sometimes a fresher can create a masterpiece. But here, the point is, it is better to hire a professional video creator who can handle your project smartly if you have something important. Experience is undeniable!

To find the best animator, you must ask about the portfolio and:

  • What type of animated videos have you created before?
  • How many explainer videos have you worked on?
  • Which type of businesses have you worked with?

Some professionals like Video Explainers, have pro websites to showcase their diversified portfolios. We have built this portfolio by helping 70,000-plus brands.

2. Ask About The Process

Animated video creator is a detailed process. It involves research, scripts, storyboards, voice-over sound effects, and more. Make sure the company or individual you are hiring proficiently covers each step. You can also ask if they can show you some samples or live demos of the video creation process. This way, you will know the project and expect the outcomes accordingly. If you don’t know what to say, here are some sample questions:

  • Do you provide full video production services?
  • Does your process involve storytelling while writing the script?
  • Do you have any suggestions about the video?

You got the idea!

3. Ask For The Resources And Tools

It is good to discuss the resources and tools that your animated video creator uses. Some service providers have different kinds of policies. Usually, software houses have premium tools, but if you are hiring a freelancer, you might have to provide the tools for customized videos. So don’t hesitate before asking:

  • What tools do you use to make videos?
  • Do you have a premium version or not?

Do you have a designated questionnaire? 

4. Give Clear Cut Instructions

When you ask for apples and get oranges, you can be at fault! Don’t be a snail here, and provide all the instructions. Explain your brand and its voice, mission statements, and vision. The audience you are targeting and the outcomes you expect from this video. These instructions will help the animator create the best work and help you decide whether you should move forward or not. For animated videos, you can:

  • Specify the character.
  • Highlight the story you want to tell.
  • Tell your call to action or the desired outcome. 

5.  Ask About Packages And Hidden Prices

So you have covered all the questions? Bingo! You have found the best animator for you. But after getting a power pack video, you have to lose your pocket as well! Yes, that sounds scary!

Now here is another pro tip to give your choice a final look. Professional video creators are organized and always ready for a project of any level.

You can ask for the available packages and hidden prices before initiating. Sometimes there are additional costs for early deliveries, for characters, or for some niches. Make sure you are aware of it.


  • Which package would be the best for my video?
  • Do you charge for urgent deliveries?

Final Words

Now that you know how to find the best-animated video creator for you, you are ready to search the market full of talented experts. Video Explainers is one of them. We provide customized animated explainer videos at reasonable prices. We have created 10,000 plus videos and have 7,000 plus happy clients. Call us at 1 929 552 3638 or email [email protected]. The best is yet to come!


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