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How to Gain Customers and Sales with Animated Explainer Videos

Are you facing issues in converting prospects? Maybe you’re doing almost everything in your mind that could help you gain customers, but you’re still not getting the results. There might be something missing.

The 21st century demands a new way of selling. Gone are the days when your salesman could easily convert the prospects into customers as the buyer did not have enough information and few choices.

This is where business explainer videos come in. It is a concise and informative type of video through which brands can convey their story and purpose engagingly.  

You might be fascinated with the fact that one-third of the internet activity involves watching videos. 

In 2009,  Dropbox hit the jackpot by using the explainer videos as it boosted their conversion rates by 10%.  You could consider a 10% boost insignificant, but it meant 10 million more customers for Dropbox!

This alerted the marketing world that videos are a powerful tool for your business marketing strategy.

Explainer videos have become a crucial part of each company’s marketing strategy, according to 92% of marketers.

What is the solution to this problem? Fortunately, an animated business explainer video is the element you need in your marketing and sales campaign. Reasons include:

  • They can grab almost everyone’s attention as they are alluring and engaging. Moreover, business explainer videos help you create brand personas and images through the use of relevant characters.
    They trigger strong emotions and help increase customer engagement. 80% of marketers claim that using videos has increased the amount of time people spend on their websites.
  • You can use your creative juice when making them. 
  • They allow you to articulate, explain, and help people understand your brand and its products/services better. According to stats, 47% of marketers claimed that using explainer videos helped companies reduce the number of support queries needed.
    Another interesting fact is that 97% of marketers said that video marketing helped them increase the user understanding of their products/services.
  • They allow you to show problems and solutions and prove why your product/service is worth the price and effort. Around 76% of the marketers claimed that video marketing helped them increase sales.
  • It boosts your SEO potential and helps you rank higher. Research conducted by Forrester discovered that videos have a 53 times more chance of ranking on top of the search results compared to traditional web pages. 76% asserted that video marketing helped them in receiving more traffic. 
  • They perform tremendously across all marketing platforms. According to the stats, 78% of them claimed that video gave marketers a good ROI.

How to use Business Explainer videos to drive conversions?

There are several things to consider when using animated video marketing to drive conversions, but these nine things are crucial.

  1. Make sure to use attention-grabbing stories, loveable characters, alluring animation design, and colors that create a bond between the prospect and the brand.
    If your video can help the customer understand the obstacle they are facing and the solution they should be looking for, they will surely remember your brand when purchasing.
  2. Write a Precise and killer script: The length of the video matters, so make sure to deliver a quick, powerful message to the target audience. Don’t focus on the whole product during the video. Just focus on a few benefits or pain points and present the solution.
    You can lure the customers in finding details through a cool call to action.
  3. Use these animated explainer videos to show what problem the target audience is facing and how your product will help them solve their problem or achieve their desired goal.
    Be customer-oriented rather than product-oriented when using video marketing.
  4. Make sure to include a call to action (CTA) in it, as it will allow your video to drive a crazy amount of engagement.
  5. Use your brand identity to spread the word.
    While your video is gaining traction from a wide range of new audiences, make sure to include your brand in these videos. Once your brand image reaches a broader audience, many people would visit your website and might become potential customers.
  6. Embed your business explainer video in emails
    Statistics have shown that embedding videos in emails generated a 71% click-through rate. This is important to note as people don’t open emails unless there is something worth their attention.
  7. Post the explainer video on YouTube and social platforms
    If people find your business explainer video interesting, they will share it, hence increasing your brand’s social media coverage.
    Don’t take YouTube for granted and use this popular platform to reach new audiences to generate leads. To increase visibility on YouTube, use video SEO, keywords, and other YouTube marketing techniques.
  8. Use explainer videos on landing pages
    A business explainer video can drive a massive amount of leads if used on a landing page. Stats have proven that using a video on landing pages can cause 86% conversions.
  9. Indestructible Video Marketing strategy
    One explainer video can be a good start, but it would stop gaining traction if more videos don’t support it.
    Using multiple videos can increase your chances of conversions, get more visibility, and develop more trust in your company among the target audience.
    Make supporting videos according to the buyer’s journey stages, so they align with the target audience.


Final Thoughts

You will be missing out on a lot of growth potential if you don’t invest in a Business explainer videos. Make a wise decision and use them in your next campaign. You can see the results yourself.

If you need help in creating explainer videos for your brand, take a look at our portfolio and reach out to us if interested! 

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