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8 Animated Product Videos That Really Work

Animated Product Videos

Are you worried that your product is technical and would be difficult to explain? Do you think customers would not be able to understand its value proposition and might undervalue it? These feelings of fear are completely valid, but don’t worry, there is a solution to it.

With animated product videos, you can bring any concept to life. Your character can be shown to exist in pre-medieval times or it can co-exist in multiple problems at the same time. The possibilities are endless. 

No matter how complex your idea or product is, it can be explained through animated product videos. Not only this, but it also gets to the point quickly and retains the attention of your audience by combining visual and audio cues.

Now that you know the solution to your problem, let’s see which companies use this to their advantage and completely rock it.

In this article, we’ll discuss the following 8 companies who took their reach to a whole new level with the help of animated product demonstrations and how they achieved that.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc does a great job of explaining how their document automation tool does wonders by streamlining sales proposals and other business contacts with the help of e signatures.

2. ProjectPermit

Their 3D animated video is built on a well-thought-out storyline that explains how Project Permit works to make Solar affordable for a common American citizen, thereby benefiting the community in the process.

3. Ethical Coffee Chain

They took brand storytelling to a new level. This video takes you on the journey of the coffee beans from the farm to your front door. The video not only shows the whole production process of coffee beans, but also tells us how ECC is a different initiative.

One of the best things ECC shows in its ad is the involvement of consumers in the production process. This makes the consumer more interested and involved in the ECC.

4. Airbnb

They have made a solid impact with their video that is a combination of live-action + animation to show cool and unique experiences that the user will get with Airbnb.

5. Slack 

They made such a winning animation video about their app. They showed that work-life can be overwhelming but thank God we have slack which makes things easier for us.

6. Med Mart

Med Mart does a wonderful job of breaking down the complex process of plastic surgery through their app. The 3D animation complements the app well and helps MedMart in discussing all the features in this short video.

7. PrescribeWellness

This is one of the prime examples of how an animated product video should be. In a mere 30 seconds, PrescribeWellness explained what they are about with you leaving any loopholes. We don’t think it could get any better than this.


Mint, a personal finance app company made such an exhilarating animated video. In such a tight one-minute, thirty seconds time frame, they took viewers on a side-scrolling journey that discussed features of the app one by one. 

The viewer can easily depict that mint is user-friendly and would be a lifesaver for them. The video ends on a powerful note as Mint told that signing up would take even less than 5 minutes.

Factors that make explainer videos great

Now that you have seen all these mesmerizing animated product examples, let’s discuss why they performed so well.

  • Great Storyline

Having a storyline is a sure way to capture the attention of your audience. It doesn’t have to be full-fledged. Just a light narrative that highlights the audience’s problem and how your product has effectively solved that issue can make a big deal.

  • Follow this Script format 

Step 1: Quick overview of what your product does

Step 2: Problem introduction

Step 3: Answer how your product solves the identified problem

Step 4: Pitch the call to action

Step 5: Build credibility and trust by mentioning the well-known clients and awards etc.

  • Make them feel and experience

Make the viewer experience what it will feel like using your product. Discuss how your product would make their life easier and comfortable. Once they’re convinced of this, it’s game over for your competitors. 

  • Keep it short and have a conversational tone

Human attention is now even less than that of a goldfish which is why you should get to the point immediately. Video duration should be less than 90 seconds to make a strong impact. An animated product video gives you the chance to say a lot in such a small time frame.

When making animation, videos keep them light and conversational to connect to your audience. Giving a small touch of humor can also go a long way in retaining your viewer’s attention.

Lastly, speak with the 2nd person by using the word “you” and “your” in your videos.

Final Note 

Animated product videos have so much potential and you would have noticed that in the video examples above. Value proposition can’t be built in the same way, if we use any other medium to convey our message.

So what’s stopping you from using animated product videos

Come on! Take charge by incorporating an animated video in your marketing campaign today. 

If you’re confused we can help you make it go away immediately. Avail of our free consultation soon.


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