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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Explainer Videos In 2022

Explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool for the small scale or even for the startup businesses in the current digital era. In today’s competitive market, maintaining a strong online presence gives a much higher opportunity to spread the brand’s visibility than ten years back. It, in turn, has made explainer video production companies significant among all industrial sectors, whether small or well-established. 

More specifically, when talking about small businesses, the firms struggle more than usual to bring their products and services into the existing market. Because these businesses are still in infancy and need to use smart ways in dealing with the competitors. But, the use of explainer videos enables brands to surpass an excellent level of growth and development. 

The question here is, How?

Don’t fret, we have covered everything you need to know about the importance of explainer videos for small businesses in this blog.

1. Simplifying the Complex Concepts and Ideas 

To break down complex ideas and concepts in the simplest and easiest ones, there is no better medium than the explainer videos

For example, using animated video infographics for your products and services demonstration explains how your products work, what are the features, functionalities, etc. Whether you are launching a new product line or adding new features to an existing one, it can clearly explain why your products are worth buying. Also, how easily the products can solve customers’ problems. These videos are well-structured, short, simple, engaging, and highly informative to present the subject or topic creatively. 

2. Attracting the Target Audience 

Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways that help you to share your brands’ content to the target audience. As a small business owner, that’s THE toughest job. 

Summarize the purpose of your video by adding fascinating graphics, characters, charts, fonts, and layouts. Do the keyword research. For example, if you own an IT/digital marketing company and want to market the brand and its journey. The right keyword for you can be “Marketing Agency”. Or maybe something else but relatable, depending on the SEO tools. Use well-written scripts, compelling thumbnails, and CTA’s here. Focusing on all these follow-ups carefully will automatically bring the right audience to your business. 

3. Effective Marketing Strategy 

92 percent of marketers consider video marketing as one of the best tools that boost their marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, including television adverts, radio broadcasting, and print media, explainer videos alone can do everything all under in one minute. With the rise of social media, nowadays, videos can easily reach milestones. The first step is to upload such videos on your company’s website then, upload them on different social media platforms. For example, if your video is about fashion/lifestyle, you can choose Instagram or Facebook as your ultimate platform. Third, don’t forget to upload it on YouTube since this specific platform involves 2 billion users, which means half of the world’s population can discover your products. 

4. Boost SEO Rankings of Videos 

Creating explainer videos and then adding them to your company’s website improves your SEO rankings. Believe it or not, it is extremely essential since 53 percent of the organic searches generate via website traffic. Incorporate the right keywords, add enriched content with well-organized information, include intriguing visuals and auditory cues to increase higher visibility and more clicks. If you have implemented everything right in the videos, people spend more time on your site and Google notices the visitor’s activity that certainly elevates the search ranking. Remember the better visibility of your page, the more likely you can gain potential customers. 

5. Increase Conversion and Sales 

The greatest thing about explainer videos is that you can use them at every level of the sales funnel and in any marketing campaign. But the power of explainer videos depends on the creative elements that you add in a very simple yet engaging manner. From a customer’s perspective, it is the first step towards their purchasing decision. Because initially, they need an awareness of the products/services you provide. It is the game-changer, after all, it increases 80 percent of the conversion rates when uploaded on the landing pages. Such videos undoubtedly generate sales and ultimately revenue by effectively bolstering the ROI for your business. Read and learn more about how you can earn more from a video

Choose the Best Explainer Video Production Company to Overload the Sales Growth of your Startup!

Today, explainer videos have become an important asset for businesses of all sizes, especially for startups and small-scale companies. It can emotionally engage your customers through visual representation within a limited timeframe. 

Basically, with a single-time investment, your business can boost conversion rates, sales, and ultimately revenue in the long run. 

So, if you are facing a hard time finding a suitable and trustworthy video production company, you should contact Video Explainers. We offer the finest explainer video services for all types of businesses, startups, large and small-medium enterprises. Give us a call today at +1 929 552 3638. You can also pick your favorite video style that fits the needs of your business. 


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