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Pictures Vs. Videos (An Audience Perspective)

With the advancement of technology, audio and video recording equipment has improved. The progress is uncanny. Today, marketers prefer using videos to initiate marketing activities and promote brands and services. Undoubtedly,  it has grabbed the audiences’ interest globally and continues to fascinate them. It is why explainer video companies are creating a buzz in the current marketplace due to their effectiveness rather than just relying on pictures and captions. 

Let’s delve a little further to see what the audience thinks about the two main visual cues, i.e., images and videos. As a marketer, it will assist you in finding out what your intended viewers perceive. Also, it will guide you to shape marketing strategies as per your target. 

Just to remind you that 2022 is going way too fast. So, buckle up because you can’t delay!

Videos Usage and Consumption in 2022 

Do you know the number of videos uploaded on the internet in 2022 is expected to reach 1 million, which means 82 percent? Well, we can clearly infer the shift of the majority of internet traffic to video content. 

  • To understand more about the products and services of a brand, 72 percent of customers think that video content plays an important role. More than this, almost 84 percent of them find it helpful in making a buying decision. 
  • According to the research of Hubspot, 54 percent of customers want to see more video content from a brand or company they like.
  • In the United States, 85 percent of internet users prefer watching videos online.
  • On social media, 73 percent of users want more entertaining videos.
  • As per the projections for 2022, a normal individual will spend 100 minutes watching videos daily. 

Videos have become one of the most common and reliable content types on social media channels. It communicates with a large audience globally. For example, posting explainer videos on Facebook will make viewers stop to watch the entire video from the start to the end. When you make such videos correctly, they increase brand recognition, and people tend to share them with their friends and family. While on the other hand, images are stagnant and do not provide much information about a brand and its products/services.

Image Usage and Consumption in 2022 

65 to 85 percent of people consider themselves visual learners, according to Trend Reports. There is a surplus of pictures flaunted on websites, social media, in the press, and indeed, everywhere around us. Thus, it indicates an image-centric digital world. 

Now get ready to know why using pictures in every post improves the effectiveness of your social media content. Most importantly, why the audience prefers it more than any other content. Here’s a list of statistics that can give you a clear idea about the popularity of the image content as regarded by the people. 

  • Images are processed 60,000 times quicker by the human brain than words.
  • Posts with only images get 650 percent of more engagement than the written text format. 
  • A website’s click-through rate (CTR) is around 47 percent greater when it has many images. 
  • On Facebook, posts with photos get 2.3 times more attention.
  • Individuals do not really desire to stare at images. They also share them.
  • Evidently, 40 percent of image content is more shareable among online internet users. 

It is no secret that images can boost your audience’s engagement. However, it is also important to add optimized keywords, meta-description, and well-written content. Undoubtedly, it increases your organic reach on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

Add Visual Creativity to your Marketing Efforts for Better Reach! 

Remember that the current digital era has evolved. Customers prefer visually attractive marketing tactics. Their entire online experience now focuses on a unique and pleasing perspective. The first and most important thing to remember is that there is no clear winner in the race of images and videos. However, to transmit information to a global audience, video content ranks higher and more valuable in pleasing customers. 

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