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11 Stunning Animated Video Production Services in 2022


Video production services have grown exponentially ever since marketers started praising video marketing. One such strategy to come out of video marketing is explainer videos! Not only are they effective, but they have also grown extremely popular over time; Only 19% of businesses haven’t used an explainer video yet.

Ever since the coronavirus lockdown, companies across all industries are struggling to market their product, service because of limited resources and low budget. Enter explainer videos, they are comparatively budget-friendly, market themselves, and only require a computer to get it done. Simple and easy, right? 

If you’re such a company and are looking to invest in one of these little miracle videos, then you might feel a little lost about where to start. It’s okay, that’s what this article is here for. After all, there are so many video production companies out there! 

How you should choose an explainer video company

Before hiring a video production company, you should first recognize what you need from them. It’s often too late to back out of a deal just because you didn’t know one aspect of the company that was important to you. 


This characteristic trumps any other. All the other things you can still compromise on, but not quality. 

If you don’t see the quality of the video production company’s portfolio, bolt out of there. It’s only going to damage your reputation. Check if the animation is smooth and vibrant with seamless transitions, how the voice-over is, whether or not you can connect with the script, and so on. 


Most companies already have a signature style of animating. So if you’re someone who already has a certain type of style in your head and wants your video to be executed that way, then you’re going to want to ask your prospective video production company about it. 

Ask them if they can play around with different character designs, or make your vision come to life. 


Another important aspect of choosing between video production services, especially when times are tough. More often than out, explainer video companies tend to overcharge for their service. The same quality of service they are offering could be offered by other video production services at half the price. You only have to do a little digging around. 

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Communication is very important if you want your animated explainer video on time and without any revisions. A good video production company will always keep you in the loop rather than taking your requirements and giving out a final result. 

Staying involved in stages like storyboarding, animation, scripting, etc. can save you a lot of time if you want any revision in case you’re not satisfied. 


Check if the explainer video company is open to feedback and changes from your side. Video production can be a long process, and requirements can sometimes change. So make sure the company is flexible enough to accommodate new requirements without creating a fuss. 

Now that you know what to look out for let’s look at some of the best-animated video companies in the market.

11 video production companies

The following are some of the most popular video production services in the market.

1. Video Explainers

We can confidently say that we are one of the top tier animated video production companies. We have worked with industry-leading companies like Walmart, Microsoft, Nasa EP Division, and Coca-Cola, to name a few, which just shows how much our clients are willing to trust us. 

Not only do we check all the right boxes, but we even, go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Co-founder and CEO: Mehroz Khan

2. Simply Explainer

Simply Explainer is a video production company that focuses on lending its services to small businesses and startups at a very affordable price. The remarkable thing about them is that they don’t even compromise on the quality of explainer videos. 

If you’re someone who’s working with a tight budget, then Simply Explainer is highly suggested!

Co-founder and CEO: Salman Khan

3. Demo Duck

One could say that Demo Duck is one of the oldest animated video production services, having founded in 2011. They started with creating animation demo videos (hence the name), and then later graduated to making live-action, motion graphics, and commercial explainer videos. 

They have worked with huge names like Netflix, Dropbox, Crazy Egg, and IBM, which speaks volumes about the quality of services they provide. 

Founder: Chris Savage

4. Switch Video

This video production company specializes in making whiteboard animation and motion graphics explainer video. Their quality definitely lands them in our list of best-animated video production services.

Their clients, mostly love that they are kept in the loop of their explainer video production, a quality that landed them gigs with names like Nespresso, Cisco, and HP.

Founder and CEO: Andrew Angus

5. Explainify

This is another member of the original explainer video companies and mostly works in breaking down complex concepts into animation to make them more understandable. 

They are a strong believer in video storytelling, so you can expect nothing but great when it comes to that. Their portfolio is no stranger to big names, as they have worked with companies like GE and Perkin Elmer. 

CEO: Eric Hinson

6. Epipheo

Epipheo is another market-leading expert whose first client was none other than Google itself. Their team of professionals handle every aspect of the explainer video stage and deliver best-quality results.

Since then, it has worked with other tycoons like Intel, Epson, Motorola, and Mercedes. 

Co-founder and chairman: Stephen Mowry


7. Wyzowl

Wyzowl was founded back in 2009, making it one of the oldest explainer video production services. They offer fixed prices and unlimited revision that makes many clients come on-board with them. They are also flexible with client requirements and are open to revising the concept or style of the explainer video. 

Keeping these things in mind, it’s no wonder they have worked for brands like CapitalOne, Aspex, and Ramada.

Founder: Matt Byrom

8. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum videos are famous for their animated explainer videos and excel at motion-graphics and whiteboard animation for the most part. Client satisfaction is very important to them, which is why they work hard to tailor-make explainer videos for them.

They have worked with big names like Red Bull, McKesson, and Walmart, to name a few. 

Co-founder and CEO: Karina Sacco

9. Thinkmojo

In their own words, ThinkMojo creates “ best-in-class Viewer Experiences for brands who love to shake things up.” Having founded in 2009, this explainer video production company has many services under its belts apart from animated explainer videos like editorials, support videos, animated ads, educational videos, and so much more. 

If you’re a company that needs multiple services, then definitely check this one out. Especially since they’ve worked with tech giants like Google, WordPress, and Zendesk!

10. Blink tower

Blink Tower takes pleasure in working with all types of brands, regardless of their size, goal, or type. They’re experts in creating explainer videos, educational videos, and adverts.

Since they are a video marketing company, they also help you increase sales and drive traffic! 

These qualities have landed them gigs like Mozilla, Vodacom, and

Founder: Adrian Burger

11. Cub Studio

If budget isn’t a problem for you, then check out the distinctive style Cub studio has to offer. They have worked with many notable clients and have won awards for their unique design and quality. 

Founder: Fraser Davidson


So there you have it, top 11 video production services to help you make the best version of your explainer video! We wish you all the best in these tough times, and may your business continue to thrive and survive. 

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